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Mystery in Death Valley

Lurking within the arid hostile-to-human-life Valley of Death sweltering under a relentless sun in south-eastern California, USA we can safely explore the place where Scotty had his castle and Charles Manson and his cult camped for awhile in an abandoned cabin near a small spring where law enforcement captured him and his followers.

Technology allows us to explore in a way once reserved to the birds flying overhead. Sipping on coffee and sheltered from the winter cold by the natural-gas furnace that just ignited to spew forth warm air I stumbled across an old news story about missing German tourists exploring Death Valley and dying there. Their bones were found 13-years later. Curiosity compelled a visit via Google maps. Using the map and the satellite view I surveyed the terrain where the four tourists met their doom. Dying of thirst or heat exhaustion or a combination of both is surely a lingering unpleasant death especially when you are an adult and your ignorance/stupidity/whatever is responsible for the deaths of the children with you.

Soaring over that rugged land I saw an anomaly that had me scroll downward enlarging the view. Lo… what is that long straight line that is not a road? What are those straight lines branching off from the main line? Take a look:


Jet Death Valley 4


A landing strip for aircraft? A thinner taxiway paralleling the main strip? Parking spots or revetments reached by short taxiways connecting to the main strip? Time to zoom in and see if anything is revealed.


Jet Death Valley 2


That looks like a jet fighter!!! No military base is shown as being in that location. Here’s a different pic:


Jet Death Valley

Another circular parking area with an occupant. What could possibly be going on here?


Jet Death Valley 3

At one end of the main runway are what look akin to armored fighting vehicles. Maybe main-battle-tanks or similar vehicles. Guarding this base? Preparing for an assault upon the Los Angeles area to the west or Las Vegas to the east? Drug cartels ready to attack patriotic USA folks due to President Trump making it harder for those barbarians to flood the USA with drugs and illegal alien invaders that cost taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars yearly? Something else?

Not far away is the remote Barker Ranch where Charley and crew camped out for awhile. Much-visited by the four-wheel-drive folks who have left us ample pictures upon the Web of the place during its “glory days” the main house burned down a few years ago.


Baarker Ranch


The mystery remains. Will the reason for those aircraft and vehicles ever be determined? Maybe WikiLeaks will provide an answer some decade.




Defy the tyrants. Defy their politician and bureaucrat lap-dog lackeys. Support the politicians fighting to save our Western civilization from the invading beasts urged on by the traitors among us. Fight for cultural, social and national survival. The vile filthy diabolical self-serving elite-class intent upon destroying Western civilization are immensely wealthy and control many corporations that are effective at disseminating propaganda that convinces many Westerners that foreign dilution by barbarians is the proper thing to do. Do not fall for their lies!!!

We have had war forced upon us by evil as great as that of murderous Pol Pot and Idi Amin and the tyrannical elites are Stalin-like in their hatred of the common folks and just as deadly. Fight back using every legal method available to us. Talk to the law enforcement and military personnel of your country. Remind them where their loyalties lay… with the country and the citizens within… not the despicable lackey leadership allowing foreign murderers and rapists to flood into our Western homelands.

If all peaceful efforts at ending this war of extermination that has been unleashed by tyrants upon Western people are futile then only two options remain. Either become servants of the new ruling class lording over us using their imported barbarian hordes to control us or we do as Western warriors have done in the past. We must not lose this war, patriots. Imagine the horrors of a New Dark Age settling down upon us. Prepare, patriots and be active in your efforts to end this madness before we are forced to enter the battlefield.


PLEASE HELP Lacking sponsors, barred from advertising and denied ‘the oxygen of publicity’ by media we survive on a famine diet of donations and book sale royalties. AIMS: Defence of equality and rights for ethnic-Europeans, to end anti-white racism, hate, and discrimination. Please donate and share our stories. 

The latest ruckus adds to tensions between the Italian authorities and France, which have on several occasions clashed over the issue of refugees and illegal migration in recent months. Italy’s Ambassador to France Teresa Castaldo was summoned on Monday by European Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau’s chief of staff after Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio accused Paris of being responsible for the migrant crisis, according to a French diplomatic source.

“It’s not the first time the Italian authorities have made unacceptable and aggressive comments”, the insider said.

Speaking on Saturday, Di Maio, who leads the Five Star Movement, suggested that France was exploiting Africa and fuelling migration:

“I’ve stopped being a hypocrite…

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16 Corporations Control Nearly Everything You Buy Or See

Economics is extremely complicated. When this complexity is woven into the fabric of all aspects of society, including all levels of government, a tiny percentage of the populace has immense control over the masses of common folks and the systems we live within. We, the People are increasingly forced to exist as serfs to a corporate feudalism.

The relentless propaganda/indoctrination via elite/corporate-owned media and government/elite-controlled education systems trains us to accept this existence as normal, correct, proper and simply how things are supposed to be. And there are huge, powerful all-enveloping law enforcement and military systems to protect things as a tiny elite-class declares as they are to be. Educate yourselves, citizens and patriots. We do not have to be cogs in a machine designed by other to serve those others.

The New Modern Man

Supermarket 90% of the things you buy at the supermarket are sold by 10 corporations, and 6 corporations control 90% of the media

It is amazing to find out 10 corporations control nearly everything we buy at the supermarket, as illustrated in this infographic. No matter what we buy, the profit ends up in the hands of either Coca-Cola, Pepsico, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Mars, Unilever, Nestle, Procter and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, or Kraft. This goes against the principles of a truly free economy according to none other than the father of modern capitalism, Adam Smith. In his classic The Wealth of Nations, Smith’s ideal was a market of little guys acting as buyers and sellers, not a market of corporate goliaths bent on world domination controlling everything and everybody.

The CEOs of these goliaths and the government officials whose campaigns they finance regularly get together to discuss what is best for them, just as you would expect in an oligarchy. The corporations even help…

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Newer Generations Will Never Experience This

phoone booth crowding

How many folks can fit into a phone booth?


Phone Booth Stuffing (1950’s)

“The fad continued to gain steam with students skipping classes to plan their phone booth stuffing event. Some phone booth stuffers dieted beforehand and some worked on various stacking techniques (such as the “crosshatch” stacking method that was used to set the St. Mary’s College record).

As quickly as the fad took off, it disappeared, ending in the summer of 1959. The South African record of twenty five people stuffed into a booth has never been broken.”

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John Goodman weighs in on doing ‘The Connors’ without Roseanne Barr

USA & Western civilization under attack


“John Goodman dropped by ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ to talk about ‘The Connors’ and the controversy surrounding Roseanne Barr’s exit.”

John Goodman weighs in on doing ‘The Connors’ without Roseanne Barr – AOL Entertainment

Lots of folks wrote on Web venues that they eagerly awaited the new Rosanne TV show, I among them. Near-universally TV output for me is background noise with an occasional glance towards it. My attention is usually devoted to the computer monitor. A few shows such as The Orville, Blacklist and Designated Survivor have me arising and headed for the couch where I plop down to devote all my attention to the show. Anticipation had me doing that for the first episode of the new Roseanne TV show.

With open mind and a desire for entertainment I was quickly disgusted with what I interpreted to be purposefully-done modern-day politically correct indoctrination. Cultural-Marxism at its finest…

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Man tased by police dies – Riots, Looting, Arson, Mayhem Expected

Whites will be rioting and shutting down streets and highways in protest of yet another White killed by police. White Lives Matter!!! State police called to assist with the expected arson and looting.Protests in other major cities expected. White leaders gather to express their outrage at yet another White killed by police.

“A man tased by New Albany police dies. Now, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is handling the case. Officers held a taser to 43 year-old Nathan Shane Mays after answering a call about an uncontrollable man on Highway 348.”

Man tased by police dies – WCBI TV | Your News Leader