Finis? NO!!! A New Start!!!

All posts deleted.  Coot simplifies.

Wanted to go turbing today but all you can do is disturbing.

Various tasks that HAD to be accomplished are nearing completion.

Time to prepare for what is coming up; the intensive search for employment in a market that is rather lacking in employment, especially for Old Coots such as I.

“But, Coot… why are you departing the politic-economic arena?”

Well, thank ye for asking, you whippersnapper!!!

One must have priorities and there are ample pundits on the Web and elsewhere that disseminate the same or similar views I tossed out so…………………

I will use this blog thing to assist my acquiring compensated effort to ensure that bills are paid.

I do not want a horde of collectors beating on the shanty’s front door demanding payment of what I do not have!!!

With those mentioned tasks accomplished the time has come to immerse my mind and body within compensated society again.


No creditors crying out presently but the proverbial micro-gram of prevention is definitely of greater value than the multi-kilogram portion of cure!!!

Not that I have frivolously spent prior amassed capital. NAY!!!

But expenses are a normal part of life and actions must be taken to ensure they can be dealt with. Simple logic but only a simpleton would ignore that logic.

So; heigh ho heigh ho it’s job-seeking where we go.

Thanks to all who have visited this site in the past and left so many supportive, kindly, agreeable and friendly comments.  Their deletion is not meant to be a slight. That is merely apart of the “out with the old to make way for the new.”

Thanks, everyone. All the best to you folks and wish me luck, also.  Hopefully the USA economy is on the rebound across the fruited plains and the purple-hued mountains so that a maximum number of us folks benefit.




  1. Coot, I just read your letter to TTAC’s. I laughed my head off. I am from Tacoma Washington, not as many inbreds up here. But we have then too! Twenty years ago while driving through St.Louis, I was stopped by a inbred policeman. It was not a pleasant experience. I was very happy to get back to civilization.

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  2. I really like the northwest Pacific area; from the northern “redwoods” portion of California up into Canada.

    Sadly, expensive, lack of shantys and no kin or friends, etc. to assist and at my advanced age it is difficult to make new ones for various reasons.

    I am still looking at the area with a dream in my heart but the jobs thing is disheartening.

    Does Tacoma still smell akin to wood/paper-mills?


  3. No, it doesn’t, Obbop. They spent a lot of money to clean up the effluents…and then a couple of years ago they simply shut the pulp mill down.

    Yeah, the jobs thing, does not really seem to be going all that well hereabouts. And you’re right, it ain’t particularly cheap to live here.

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