Coot Cries

Statistics are complicated, especially for the uncomplicated mind and even more so for the mathematically challenged as I assuredly am/is/has been/ will be util death do I depart.

Gasp. Clutch. Fall. Thud. Expire. Shriek (if witnesses) or (laughs, depending upon witness(es) present).

The average adult in the USA  reads between the 8th and 9th grade reading levels.

Data varies so if y’all cares do that Google thing for more and/or likely differing results.

How about how often USA folks read? Reading level is a generally useless figure if the reader doesn’t actually read something.

“..fallen steadily over the past twenty years.”

Additional information at the linked-to Web site above causes Coot Convulsions mentally.

How about that “educated electorate” thing? Why the huge push by various folks, groups, organizations, etc. to get the masses signed up to vote?

Seems to me that it may be far better if fewer folks voted. Let those who truly care vote!!!

If an individual cares so little to not bother registering why encourage them?  Is the same cohort desirous of maximizing the number of voters possessing a hidden agenda?

I burble that they likely do. Get the mob who likely acts based upon emotionality voting and there’s a group easily appealed to without requiring actual intellectual appeal.

And a likely easier-to-indoctrinate mob.

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