Cook Third Class Doris Miller, USN

Cook Third Class Doris Miller, USN

Commissioned on 30 June 1973, USS Miller (FF-1091), a Knox-class frigate, was named in honor of Doris Miller.

Follow the above link for an excellent biography of a real USA heroic figure.

Not one of those phony media, politician or corporate-created heroes who are all-too-often labeled a “hero” to create wealth for the elites.

“Hand… salute!!!”   “Two.”

Why, I wonder, was Miller never mentioned at any of my schools?

From K-12 and never in college.

Yet our so-called “educational system” constantly mentioned as heroic various lackeys, minions, lap-dogs, underlings, servants and others who were and are mere slaves of the elite ruling class, corporate USA and special-interest groups.

Yes, I realize it is just one aspect of the ongoing life-long indoctrination to convince the masses of commoner citizens that as things are is proper, correct and as it should be.


I, the Disgruntled Old Coot, can not alter an iota what I consider to be a generally disgusting, perverted and diseased society but… I CAN toss out mention of a few of those that, in my opinion, deserves recognition.

Thank you, Mr. Miller. I appreciate your efforts and ultimate sacrifice!!!


From the Web site of the warship named after Mr. Miller:


Info on Dorie Miller of whom the ship was named after




USS Miller (FF-1091)

USS Miller (FF-1091)






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