Seeking Work

Over the years so many people have either asked if I was a DJ, an announcer, a broadcaster, whatever.

Even strangers have asked.

I just have a “deep” voice, excellent enunciation, etc.

However, despite a deep-seated belief among the Herd, radio has changed with a steadily decreasing number of openings for various reasons and often pitiful pay rates.

Few on-air folks make much money.

And those involved have to move so often due to being let go and having to move elsewhere to obtain work.

I did check into the field, including speaking with those currently involved in the radio profession, from DJs to programmers to sales people, etc.

I was told, over and over and over, over the years, to shun radio. And an oft-heard comment was unless you are a younger attractive girl the odds of success in radio are akin to winning the $350,000,000 Lottery; then….


I could “play the political correctness card” and perhaps be hired at a great pay rate and, once employed, be basically fire-proof!!!!!!!

I will become Jihad Jake!!!

Death to the Infidels!!! Death to America!!! A constant rant even against the good aspects of the USA.

The politically correct masses will adore me!!! PC USA female babes will grovel at my feet; begging I abuse their all-too-willing bodies and psyches!!!

Wages? Anything less than what I believe I am worth will lead to a lawsuit and likely MILLIONS of dollars for me to mend the horrible trauma I underwent.

I might even be able to have CAIR represent me for free! What a deal! One never knows.

We DO live in a “new” USA where “diversity is our strength,” multi-culturalism is to be embraced and refusal to abide by the “new ways” leaves one wide-open to abuse; or so it seems to me.

So, I will take advantage of the “NEW USA” for my personal financial gain.

Coming soon to a radio station near you!!!!


I can smell the bucks rolling in already.

Jihad Jim, Jihad Jake, Jihad John… does not matter what name I use.

Experts will determine which name maximizes marketing needs.

All that matters is maximizing income!!!!!!

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