Appreciative Old Coot

Many “Thanks!!!”    to the horde of visitors  visiting this tiny  spot nestled within the Web.

Some visitors left nice comments while some comments were not as nice but I am used to that.

I have perfected the ability to create hate and discontent among others.  Heck, my own kinfolk despise me to the point they ignore me, hoping I just go away.  Sniff.

The Disgruntled Old Coot  is mostly hardened against the revulsion I arouse within others, often finding humor in other’s actions and inactions towards me.

I will assuredly continue conveying comments and opinions until I suck in that last gasp of air.

From my shanty to yours I say thank you for visiting and urge you to open your mind, if you have not already done so, to shed some or much of the propaganda all of us have been and continue to be exposed to via the most effective propaganda system ever created.

Causing immense revulsion within me is advertising towards children, especially the very young.

It is impossible to shed all the life-long indoctrination but a small amount of effort, even menial attempts at self-enlightenment, can lead to one ceasing to be one of a horde of bleating sheep spewing knee-jerk rhetoric as their elite class masters desire.

Yes oh yes, there IS much that is good and decent about the USA and its society, its cultures and sub-cultures BUT…

That good typically comes from the masses, not the elites and their cohorts who are so often parasites upon the people. Producing little but raking in enormous amounts of wealth that benefit the few and impoverishing a growing percentage of the population.

For your sake and that of your kids, make the attempt to determine fact from fiction, reality from implanted delusions. Spit back into the elites’ faces and begin what needs to be done to, perhaps, save the Union, preserving what the Founders created.

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