Made in USA

A brief reminder… there are many benefits to our country, society, your friends, neighbors and yourself when you and you and you folks over there buy products and services that are Made in the USA.

What is “Made in the USA” can be confusing. Some goods are assembled in the USA with components made outside the USA. Some goods, though technically made in the USA, are produced in USA territories where the work-force does not receive the same treatment as American workers inside the 50 states.

So many ifs-and-buts and exceptions and foreign ownership of factories inside the USA and other considerations and factors cause plenty of confusion.

However, generally, if there is a Made in the USA label on a product or its packaging it sure beats buying a product proclaiming it is made in Outer Slobovia or some other foreign place.

Sure, some folks are on such tight budgets, such small incomes that every penny must be counted. Lower-priced foreign-made goods may be the only option for some folks.

Remember, however, that the cheapest goods may not be the best actual value.

The saying “You get what you pay for” exists for a reason.

Not always but often enough to think about.

For an item seldom used the cheapest may work  fine.

For products used regularly the higher-priced one may be cheaper on a cost-per-use basis.

From an Old Coot’s experience the higher-priced made in the USA product can be the best buy.

Exceptions exist so you need to take a peek at the products available and decide if the made in the USA item is the best value at an affordable to you price.

Here is an example I experienced. Needed a hydraulic bottle-jack of good quality to raise the Chevy Silverado pick-up if a flat tire needed replacing. Wanted a safe, sturdy, well-made jack that would last a lifetime.

Peeking and poking at jacks locally and viewing jacks and specifications on-line I was not satisfied with the quality of those made-in-China.

Back to the NAPA store (a nation-wide auto/truck supply/part dealer), where the only jacks on display were China-made, I asked about a made in the USA jack. Looking in the NAPA catalog showed a made in the USA model in their out-of-state warehouse that could be sent for my inspection. “Make it so,” I said and in a couple days the product was there for me to view and try.

The superior quality was obvious. The “fit and finish,” the smooth operation, the quality of the paint and the heavier weight of the USA-made jack told me it was built to last. Likely for many more years than what the Chinese-made jacks costing $40 less would last.

My decision was easy. Buy American!!! My safety and preventing possible expensive damage to my truck due to a jack failure made that extra $40 a small price to pay.

I understands that buying USA-made products is not always possible, affordable or the best thing in your circumstances. However, if possible, take a little extra time and at least consider buying products made here in the USA.

The job you save may be yours!!!

For hours of Web surfing excitement and to find a bounty of Made in the USA goodies, let us thank our good friend Google for offering the following

Search Term: “made in the USA

With “about 58,700,000″ “hits” Google should keep you busy for awhile.

Of course, you can fine-tune search results using various search words and terms.

And, for all those who attempt to purchase at least some of their products that are made in the USA… this all-American old-fashioned, unadulterated “thumbs up” is for YOU!!!!

Hi. I am a thumbs-up

Pleased to meet you.

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