Save for Your Retirement!!!

Yeah!!! “Things” will get better. Some day. Maybe.

However, if you are not a young person, if time is not on your side.

“…a near doubling of the inflation rate to 3.8 percent from 2.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010. That meant that consumers had less spending power, causing their contribution to economic growth to decline to 2.7 percent from 4 percent.”  Source.

Golly gee. As so many common citizens learned the hard way investing in stocks, bonds, etc. can be a HUGE gamble.

I am in no position to gamble with the meager funds I possess.

A CD is the only logical option I have… at ONE-PERCENT interest.

My savings does not even allow me to keep up with inflation.

And “inflation” measurements are a joke!!!

Ask any shopper who over the years saw soup cans growing smaller.

Holding less.

Yet the price remained the same. Or increased.

I do not see where “officials” take into account less product yet the cost remains the same as inflation.

The common folks do.

But I feel okay!!!

Knowing that the USA’s worthy folks will never suffer.

Will always have a decent place to sleep in.

Will always have the best medical care.

Will never have to compete with MILLIONS of illegal aliens.

Our rulers. Our masters and their servants will always receive what they are “owed.”

You and I?

Mere common folks?

Too damn bad.

You unworthy foul scum.

Obey the rulers and those loyal to the masters and just crawl off and die when you are no longer useful to our beloved masters.

It is the American Way.

Love it or leave it.

Just OBEY!!!

It is your patriotic duty.

Thank you.

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