Fun with scorpions.

In Arizona where a few bazillion scorpions scamper about I was repairing a semi-truck at night, using a flash light.

Saw movement out of the eye’s corner.

Looking down I saw a dozen or more scorpions coming at me.

Maybe they were just friendly.

Coming to say “Howdy” and welcome to the neighborhood.

I still jumped up upon the truck.

I noted that moving the flash light’s beam could be used to herd the critters.

Ah hah!!!

A moment of enlightenment.

Light: attract.

So, I “played” with my new-found cohorts.

Tiring of that, needing to repair the truck, I found that canned ether under pressure, also known as “starting fluid,” was a very effective scorpion killer.

Thus commenced the Great Scorpion Slaughter.

Surely their little brief scorpion screams reverberated throughout the arid land.

However, even after decimating the local herd/horde more arrived.

Akin to the ChiCom human-wave tactics of the Korean War a seemingly endless supply of uplifted stingers arrived.

Death-dealing monsters ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater scorpion good or whatever cause they believe in.

I surrendered.

Jumping into the truck’s cab I crawled into the sleeper and snoozed until daylight when the scorpion armies hide beneath rocks, etc. awaiting the cover of darkness when they can again burst forth seeking human victims.

One comment on “WAR!!!!!!!!!

  1. pfsm says:

    My father was prospecting in Nevada about two eons ago, deep in a cave with a black light. He saw something fluoresce like crazy, but remembered to check it with the regular flashlight first. It was a scorpion.


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