Shock. Surprise. Curious.

Having personally observed how much muss, fuss, ruckus and HUGE traffic problems an Obama visit caused locally when he was pursuing the presidency I left a flurry of postings across the Web.

I posted a few dozen of the following boiler-plate post to as many Web sites as possible with the ones selected I considered to be the type more likely for the USA “ruling class” to see.


“Writing from east of Joplin, MO.

Obama, stay away.  Get your beloved photo-op elsewhere.  The tie-ups your presence will cause will only hinder/hamper recovery efforts.

How about diverting the funds that would be spent in your personal publicity seeking be used to buy some food for the huge number of working-poor citizens hereabouts?

The only one to gain from your visit is you, Obama


I knew my words would never make the Obama dude alter a chance to gain “brownie points” to assist his lust for re-election as he did when bragging/boasting, riding upon the “coat-tails” of, to me, REAL MEN; the US Navy SEALs who whacked Osama when Obama BOASTED how he was the one giving the order for the SEALs to proceed.

Sorry, Obama. Of the MANY ways you could have informed us about the bin Laden mission you DID use wording to maximize your participation when other used words could have placed less stress upon your “brave heroic deed/participation” while maximizing where the REAL credit lay… with REAL MEN!!!

Okay, the surprise portion of this post.

Many of the comments to my “stay away Obama” post either received a negative reply comment and/or was either down-rated or down-voted at Web sites where those functions can be performed.

That negativity did not surprise me.

Neither did the oh-so common poor writing skills of those chastising me, berating me or lambasting me.

At sites where one would expect mostly or only adults to gather I note that the often-proclaimed average reading/writing ability of the typical USA adult citizen to be around an 8th-grade level to perhaps be an accurate declaration.

The ill-educated are much easier to indoctrinate, to brainwash.

Thus I believe the pro-Obama horde has fallen for yet another figure-head politician lackey of the minority ruling class of the USA, corporate USA and wealthy/powerful special-interest groups.

For various reasons while spreading my “stay away Obama” message I expected to receive the most negativity at the National Public Radio (NPR) Web site where I expected a larger percentage of “liberal left-wing Democrat-type” folks to frequent.

Well… it IS possible that the NPR Web site does attract those folks BUT, it is also conceivable that the folks at the NPR site are not as prone to the brainwashing/indoctrination I have long-believed the typical USA citizen has had his/her brainlet filled to overflowing with.

At the NPR site comments are not present but a “recommend” rating system is used.

Currently, my “boiler plate” post has a “Recommended (44),” the highest rate of all the posts present.

There is a posted separate comment referring to my post but unlike the typical comment pointed at my post elsewhere it is written at a level far above the inept, child-like writing full of spelling and grammar errors I viewed elsewhere.

Especially at conservative-type Web sites where I posted my “stay home, Obama” I did not expect the condemnation I received.

Thus, I am inclined to believe it is possible that a more important divider among USA citizens is not necessarily between left/right, conservative/liberal, etc. but between the educated and the apparently much larger number of ill-educated buffoons infesting  modern-day USA.


It appears that NPR IS a biased bunch that IS partially funded with taxpayer dollars.

“This comment has been removed because it did not meet the Community Discussion Rules.”


Before the “powers that be” at NPR obliterated my comment I am proud to declare my final approval rating is:  “Recommended (92).”    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw another anti-my comment on the message board but those two have not been removed as my comment was.

Oh well.

Life goes on but as with the invasion of many-MILLIONS of illegal alien invaders and the immense amount of harm those invaders cause… but the multitude of negatives caused by those invaders is too-often NOT reported on by the elite-class-owned mass media; We, the People ARE immersed within a HUGE propaganda/brainwashing/propaganda system.

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