Coot Environment

There’s a Krispy Kreme outlet in the “main drag” of town where behind the glass wall you can observe the doughnut-making process in all its electro-mechanical glory.

I sat enraptured one rainy day, munching upon the rare doughnut I allow myself, sipping on some coffee and awaiting for one of the several employees to become ensnared in the moving machinery and dragged through the mechanism until reaching the hot grease pit where cooking commences and little bubbles of expelled air would rise through the HOT oil and burst above; little yelps of “HELP!” then bursts of agonizing pain appearing “Eeeeek!!!” but the anticipated industrial accident did not occur.

The doughnut was okay and the coffee was nothing special but the atmosphere was nice and the aromas soothing and the “aura” within as the chilly rain drenched the outside world made the time within a soul-satisfying event.

I may be a Disgruntled Old Coot but I am an easily-pleased Coot.

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