Mass Quantities

In my younger days when I could consume massive quantities I shunned a couple meals and entered the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet in Concord, California.

Mighty fine food, much better than typical Chinese buffet grub.

It was either the 5th or 6th plate when the three Chinese cooks, escorted by the Chinese waitress/cashier, arrived at my table and commenced staring at me.

I pointed at the plate and said “Mmmmmm, good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The trio commenced smiling broadly with repetitive bowing.

Of course I had to arise and return the bows.

After that event ran its course the trio, chattering merrily in one of the Chinese dialects returned to their kitchen duties.

I asked the English-speaking gal what that was about.

She told me that first, they were amazed at how much I could shovel in and next, that they considered it a compliment that I was eating such a large amount.


I made some folks happy.

So I did make an extra effort and ate until it was physically impossible to eat any more.

Sated. Full.

I slept for a lengthy time in the recliner…. so stuffed I doubt if I could have slept unless I was in a semi-upright position.

Yeah, cool story, bro. Right?

/ a slashie for those expecting one.

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