Rest in Peace, Marine

Merlin German  USMC

After regaining his ability to walk, Sgt. German purchased a home in San Antonio, Texas and founded the Merlin’s Miracles charity organization to help child burn victims.

Read more here———–>  HERE

Sometimes, when feeling down, unlucky or having a bad day I think of Mr. German; a far better man than me.

Sure, I boast of a few things and, perhaps rightfully so.

Yet, in comparison, I am but half the man, perhaps less, than sergeant German was even with my having over twice as many years upon our temporary home here on Earth.

For whatever reason I felt a calling to select Mr. Merlin German as one of many heroic figures to salute via my blog..

Perhaps because he looks as what I perceive how a Marine should look as wearing that attractive Marine Corps dress uniform.

Another reason is his efforts to assist others.

Then there is his untimely death. Far too young.

Some believe his Maker called him to his reward beyond this plane of existence.

I can neither confirm nor deny that… I have no proof so remain an open-minded agnostic but if there is something beyond our mortal plane of existence, well… I am not the JUDGE but, well… YOU decide.

At the least, I can “judge” by offering my minute honor, this memorial, and ask anybody passing by to march off to the Wikipedia page titled “HERE” above and remember a good man who went to work assisting others.

I salute you, Sir.







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