USS Schofield DEG-3 FFG-3 Cruisebook

The entire 1975 cruise book should be in the next few posts.

They have been spread out to assist in ALL the pictures appearing.

The link to the other pages covering the cruise book is near the bottom of the page on the left.

I should have done this long ago… here are the links to the blog entries covering the entire cruise book. This page covers the first part of the cruise book and the links below lead to next section so you should be able to easily read the book starting at the front cover and ending up at the final page.


***** Click the Pic for a Larger View *****


USS Schofield DEG-3 FFG-3 Cruisebook  section two

USS Schofield DEG-3 FFG-3 Cruisebook  section three

USS Schofield DEG-3 FFG-3 Cruisebook  section four

USS Schofield DEG-3 FFG-3 Cruisebook  section five


I encourage ALL who want to copy and paste any or all of the cruise book to do so since Web sites can lose data, disappear, etc.

Preserve the 1975 WesPac cruise book for posterity. The more places it is posted the more likely it is to survive.

To enlarge the pictures click on them. Depending upon your browser and/or computer, etc. select “open in a new window” or use your browser “back” button or whatever works for you.

I use FireFox browser and after opening each picture/page I can make it even bigger for easier viewing and reading of text when a “+” sign is my pointer/cursor and I click again to maximize my view. Whatever works for you and your set-up.

I will double check later to ensure all the cruise book pages made it to this blog. My main goal was just to get the pages/pics on the Web… just in case.

Oh, the pic of the “cherry picker” near the helo detachment area… “extra points” for whoever can, in the comments section of that entry, can explain why that pic is there. I remember why, I was present for the event, up on the quarterdeck,

Feel free to leave comments, explanations, anything that adds to the pics.



***** Click the Pic for a Larger View *****



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