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“…the classic authoritarian mindset: reflexive support for authority, contempt for those who challenge them, and a blind faith in their unilateral, unchecked decisions regarding who is Bad and deserves state-issued punishment

Please, read the linked-to essay!!! PLEASE.

MANY of the conclusions I have obtained from decades of continuous non-fiction reading and self-study and many areas of research along with life experience is wrapped up in the linked-to essay at

From time-to-time, over the decades, at many various locations and venues, from writing to speaking, after making what a typical citizen-sheep simpleton was appalled at hearing, I would read a response that can be summarized this way:

“Aren’t you afraid of getting in trouble for talking that way.”

Isn’t that sad?

Such well-indoctrinated citizen-sheep recipients of my message(s) that a logical, rational USA citizen brings forth opinions and beliefs that do not advocate or encourage physical harm to others is met by a brainwashed mind with a declaration that GASP!!! Trouble sure awaits that….. that…. what? Radical? Terrorist? Felon?

What am I to fear? So MANY USA citizens have responded negatively to my opinions, beliefs and proclamations over the years.

Typically, the negative response commences before a rational logical mind has had ANY opportunity to “digest” my message.

Nope, no rationality or logic from the majority of citizen sheep.

Instead I am confronted with instantaneous outpourings of implanted knee-jerk rhetoric.

Over the decades the SAME terminology (words used), the same terms, etc.

Rarely did I hear self-created disagreement.

“Love it or leave it.”

Well, if the USA is so bad why do people from across the world keep trying to get here. (Too many rebuttals to that general illogical emotion-laden spewing to go into here.)

The USA is number 1!!!! (and when a citizen of any other country proclaims their country is number 1 they are either lying or delusional or… perhaps… spewing implanted propaganda?).

So many knee-jerk rhetorical statements that, over time, I simply come to expect that type of drivel and admire the FEW who disagree with me using their OWN thoughts, words, etc. to explain their beliefs.

Typically, the beliefs differing substantially from my own are beliefs that the USA rulers, the masters, corporate USA and special-interest groups have implanted in the minds of the masses using the many propaganda dispensing systems we are immersed within.

Life-long propaganda with only death stopping the relentless indoctrination.

Perhaps the current Occupy/99 per center events are an after-effect of the Web allowing We, the People to overcome to a certain extent, within some of the citizen-sheep, the brainwashing that leads so many to think/declare:

“Aren’t you afraid of getting in trouble…”

Well, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to your pen, slave. Obey your masters. Don those mental slave chains and OBEY!!!

There are no chains stronger than those applied mentally and gladly by those wearing them.

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