Advocating the “Devil Weed”

C’mon… just legalize the stuff with some laws, statutes and rules regulating, growing, sales, use, etc.

Put some money into the pockets of “common folks.”

Limit the amount that can be grown to spread the wealth around.

So many methods to tax, distribute, etc.


Have local buyers where local SMALL-SCALE growers could sell X amount per year or whatever and obtain X amount of income that would be taxed where the grower’s harvest is sold.

Have buyers be “experts” as to product quality, etc. with “good stuff” worth more and sub-par stuff not as valuable.

Use test kits to determine THC levels and grade on a subjective emotional level to encourage the growers to produce a good-quality product.

The local buyers could then distribute the product to regional gathering points where, what? Based upon weight they would receive their share of the eventual profit for their efforts. Enough income to make their effort worthwhile but not exceedingly wealthy. Remember…. spread the wealth among the common folks!!!!

Then allot the accumulated product among approved retailers. Equitably distributing quality and perhaps suggested (or required?) retail pricing.

Tax the heck out of the stuff as alcohol is so highly taxed but still affordable to the common folks. I do not see many USA citizens with ANY income level unable to grab enough booze to sate their lust.

Don’t tax the weed to “death” but high enough to deter younguns from buying it along with community-work penalties if underage buyers/users are caught.

The cost savings of no more inane idiotic enforcement of a total ban would be reduced to enforcement of growing/selling/distribution laws with built-in self-interest of those legitimately involved in the distribution chain at all levels to inform on those skirting the rules.

The taxes could be used to, perhaps, reduce other taxes? Just ensure those taxes benefit the maximum number of citizens possible.

Distribute taxes garnered to ALL adult citizens? What if you and I and Joe and Jane received a $300 check yearly? What a nifty method of stimulating the economy!!!

Or save for later. Whatever.

And law enforcement could devote more time to combat those physically harming decent law-abiding folks.

Whatever changes are made, keep the vile despicable politician slaves-to-their-elite-class and-corporate-USA-masters out of affairs.

So many opportunities!!!

At least try SOMETHING and if one method doesn’t work, alter it as needed or try another!!!

For the “record” the Disgruntled Old Coot hasn’t used the weed for many years.

It is simply a time for a change.

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