Eyewitness Testimony

“Estrada’s son, Eder Herrera, was previously accused of murdering his mother and brother. He had been arrested after a witness told police he thought he saw Eder Herrera at the crime scene.

The charges were dropped and Herrera was released from jail Friday afternoon due to the new evidence in the case, Rackauckas said Friday evening at a press conference.”

Read the entire news story here—-> HERE


Over the years I have read TOO MANY articles, essays, news stories, etc. regarding the inaccuracies of “eye witnesses.”

Research, studies and real-life inaccuracies written about by judges, prosecutors, police detectives, etc. has convinced me that too many eyewitnesses are terrible ways to assist in separating the guilty from the innocent.

Hopefully juries will be enlightened as to REALITY regarding those who point and proclaim “He/She IS the one I saw doing the deed to that victim (or me or whatever).”



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