Continuously Contemplative Coot Concerning Cologne… Hai Karate


Hai Karate

 “Be careful how you use it”

Introduced in 1967 I recall the TV and magazine ads and received a bottle as a gift some time in either 1968 or 1969.

Read about the the stuff on ——> Wikipedia

The bottles came in a cardboard box with the appropriate logo. The stuff wasn’t expensive if my memory is correct; typical for male smell-em-good concoctions.



Oh yeah!!!  No need to be suave and sophisticated.

No need to flash the cash to attract the babes or drive a nice car or be fit and trim and well-groomed.

No need for raw sexuality oozing out of every pore.

Just splash on Hai Karate!!!

After-shave or cologne.

Just be ready to fight off the gals who suddenly are filled with a tremendous lust to mate with you!

Oh yeah!!!

More self-protection instructions when using Hai Karate

Scary stuff.



No “suggestivity” or innuendo in the next TV ad



“Soap on a rope” was a popular item in that now-ancient era and Hai Karate had their version:



I might have had some of this item but my memory has faded.

I suppose that owning some smelly soap attached to something you could strangle yourself or others with is not an incredibly memorable event.

At the height of its popularity, Hai Karate was selling over $200 million in product a year, including soap on a rope, shaving cream, talcum powder, cologne and after shave. The cologne came in four scents, including Regular, Oriental Lime, Oriental Spice and Iced Hai

Head off and listen about Hai Karate on a record from that era—- >  LISTEN




To conclude this post…

Did Elvis own and use Hai Karate?

Did he have a bottle in his bathroom?

Maybe————————–>  Damn!!! Link to other site’s content is dead. Pictures of stuff that was in Elvis’s bathroom was pictured. Unsure of the actuality of the pics but a bottle of Hai Karate was shown.


Hello, it is July 2014 and Hai Karate remains popular among the gals. Rumors suggest that corporate lawyers reviewing clinical studies demanded that self-defense instruction be included with every bottle of Hai Karate sold. There was fear that battered males unable to fend off the lusty advances of the gals would seek financial solace by suing Hai Karate’s owners.

I found some new material and am adding it below. Enjoy.









There’s more over at You Tube.  Click HERE for more Hai Karate TV ads.


I wonder what the odor experts think about our beloved Hai Karate? Here is a site that centers on smelling things:   BaseNotes is an online reference guide to the world of fragrances. The site features a fully searchable database of over 20,000 fragrances with over 90,000 consumer reviews.


Here is the entry for Hai Karate:   Hai Karate (1967)


There are 16 reviews by what appears to be folks involved in some way with the scent industry. Interesting reading, folks.


Is Hai Karate an old fart’s fragrance? I found a few mentions about a Hai Karate comeback. If true that would be awesome!!!

At a site now off-line I found the following write-up about Hai Karate being reintroduced a few years ago. I never heard of that and did not see it on any store shelf:

For every success, a failure: Hai-Karate Aftershave. A budget aftershave
in the late 1960s, Hai Karate became famous because of its TV advertising and
packaging: its catch phrase was “Be careful how you use it.” Each bottle came
with a self-defense booklet to help wearers fend off smitten women. After fading
away in the ’80s, the brand staged a comeback. Despite its status as a ’70s icon,
Hai-Karate failed to connect with a new teen audience who, finding it neither cool
nor inspiring, dismissed it as old-fashioned with an unbearable scent. It didn’t
align with their values or their tastes.

Dagnabbit. Young varmints just ain’t got no common sense nowadays. Must be all the dern’ screeching and chanting from that crap they call music nowadays messing with their brains where their smelling takes place. Sure, the odor enters the nose where little things wiggle or sumpthin’ and send electrical messages to the brain where the smell sense does its thing. Oh well. Maybe there is a warehouse full of Hai Karate somewhere, forgotten about and waiting to be discovered and distributed via the Web at an affordable price.

I found a site mentioning that Hai Karate is returning to Britain. There was a space to enter your e-mail for updates as they occur. Other than the mention of Hai Karate’s return there was no information provided. Fearing that site was just a “spam trap,” a method for spammer’s to obtain e-mail addresses to send spam to I did not enter my e-mail. Beware those spam traps.

Thus ends the latest update about the groovy, far-out and right-on Hai Karate. The finest fragrance ever created.

How about another update… a mere few minutes after the last one. Hai Karate lust is growing and I am being inundated with information and various writings about what has to be the finest fragrance to ever land upon the living flesh of humans of any era. Yep. No doubt about it.

Whoops!!! Yet another link gone bad. Oh well. Folks, thanks for dropping by. This entry has been updated January 5th 2018. Wow… seems like the Year 2000 computer bug scare was just a few clicks ago.

Feel free to add a comment below. Have you found a site with information about Hai Karate? Share it with us!!!

***** Update July, 11, 2019 *****

Just a brief mention at a post I stumbled across telling of Hai Karate reappearing for a brief time. It may have only been sold in Britain. There was one picture included with the short article and I share it here:

Hai Karate new style

I wonder if Jade East would be a suitable replacement?

***** UPDATE *****

Hello, Herd!!! I checked the links above on February 25, 2021 and they all worked as a link should work. That surprises me since links regularly go defunct over time. While Wen wandering I found a new-old ad from long ago at a site that displays older ads of all types. Of course I grabbed the dern’ thing to place here.

I am still waiting semi-patiently for Hai Karate to make an appearance. The original blend is required. I fear my hope, lust, desire to splash the stuff upon my yearning body will go unfulfilled. Sigh . . .


Hai Karate Cologne & Aftershave (1969). Self defense instructions included with every bottle


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