Gayle Caldwell


Writer: Gayle Caldwell

In Loving Memory:  Gayle Caldwell    February 20th, 1941 – April 14th, 2009


So I’m down and so I’m out

But so are many others

So I feel like tryin’ to hide

My head ‘neath these covers

Life is like the seasons

After winter comes the spring

So I’ll keep this smile awhile

And see what tomorrow brings

I’ve been told and I believe

That life is meant for livin’

And even when my chips are low

There’s still some left for givin’

I’ve been many places

Maybe not as far as you

So I think I’ll stay awhile

And see if some dreams come true

There isn’t much that I have learned

Through all my foolish years

Except that life keeps runnin’ in cycles

First there’s laughter, then those tears

But I’ll keep my head up high

Although I’m kinda tired

My gal just up and left last week

Friday I got fired

You know it’s almost funny

But things can’t get worse than now

So I’ll keep on tryin’ to sing

But please, just don’t ask me how


Those lyrics have had more of a mental impact upon me than any sermon I have sat through.

For a brief biography/eulogy go HERE

Gayle Geddes Caldwell at Find-a-Grave

The first version of Cycles I heard was a hit performed by Frank Sinatra:



Gayle Caldwell YouTube Collection



It is coming up to the 10th year since Gayle left us. I am glad I was able to communicate with Gayle from a half-continent away via e-mail before her demise. It is January 8, 2019 and I checked the links and replaced the non-working YouTube link with one that does work. I wonder about the Find-a-Grave page for Gayle. There is a mere one “flower” left for her. I would leave one but a moderator banned me from leaving flowers/condolences many years ago with no reason given and all attempts to contact those folks have been for naught. Oh well. Here, Gayle… this is for you:




Folks, if you can place a flower at Gayle’s on-line “grave” please leave one from me. Or yourself. She deserves more recognition that what she has received. It is far more important, however, that people remember her in their thoughts.

I believe that Gayle is pictured in the advertisement below. I am horrible with facial recognition so am unable to specifically identify her:


new christy minstrels, ramblin_, 1963

My guess is that the lady to the right, not holding the banjo, is Gayle.

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