The moon is smart enough to scurry out of the way but is our planet getting out of the way?

Watch the gif below and determine for yourself if Earth just sits there.

(you may need to click the .gif to activate.)

Read the entire fascinating story and the source of the .gif at the link posted below;

Link—->  Here

the 2011 encounter with Earth is the closest this space rock has come for at least the last 200 years. ”  More here—-> Click Me

Some scenarios have Earth hit by multiple asteroids… akin to a bunch of dots striking us.

Likely best to leave the dots alone as explained by the video below:

The asteroid coming close is said to be the size of a modern aircraft carrier:

(US Navy picture)

Is this a possible future scenario of an asteroid impacting the USA?

One advantage of celestial object impact is that the ruling class vermin, corporate USA, their horde of lackeys, politician figureheads, the bureaucrats who place their ruling masters above We, the People and the many various jack-booted thugs, minions, cohorts etc. will be unable to use their vast amounts of wealth and power to save themselves.

As is typical, We, the People do not “figure into the equation” except, possibly, for a few folks who can assist in serving the deserving class such as doctors, dentists, surgeons, chefs, etc. with a few of them invited to serve the masters thus survive..

Perhaps the well-built at OUR expense and labor shelters and stockpiled goods and ample well-armed jack-booted thugs to protect them will ensure elites and minions to survive impacts that are not direct hits and to survive in relative comfort the many negative after-effects of a severe impact or multiple impacts depending upon circumstances.

What if the moon was hit and the THUD BANG BOOM caused “shrapnel” to be ejected from the moon opposite of the impact point resulting in MANY separate Earth impacts.

The dreaded “shotgun effect” with multiple separate impacts upon Earth causing mayhem across the planet as services and so many in-place systems for food distribution, etc. are disrupted.

At the actual impact points and nearby areas the elites’ shelters will be as worthless as those We, the People can create.

Sadly, the shelters further away from the actual impact areas will be so much better and well-equipped at OUR expense that while We, the People are suffering the privileged few will, as typical, be laughing at our plight.

Laughing at us for being stupid, well-brainwashed, complacent near-serfs of the overlords

A small minority of USA citizens have realized the extent of their indoctrination but too few have realized it.

Attempts to educate the majority of brainwashed folks of their indoctrination is typically futile.

The mental slave chains self-applied are the strongest.

Of course…. who knows what the future holds.

Maybe “it don’t mean nuthin'” and we should just live day by day.

And for those of us who have achieved at least some (or more) freedom from the disgusting brainwashing by the vile scum filthy vermin manipulating to their own benefits so MUCH of the many aspects of the USA that when added together comprises  the USA we should just…………

Eat drink and rejoice in today for tomorrow we surely die.

Have a wonderful day, folks.

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