Thinking About Times Long Ago

Elites and their lackey figurehead politicians across the world are so quick to send the common folks to battle and kill and be killed or horribly wounded or harmed in many other ways.

The scum at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy live luxurious lives at the expense of the many below them.


This fact of life is in all countries, cultures, institutions and other entities where a hierarchical structure exists.

Various religions operate this way along with corporations and other entities.

Of course, the well-indoctrinated brainwashed among us who are part of the commoner class but high enough up the socio-economic hierarchy to live better lives than those below them tend to mention the relatively few exceptions to the far more common generalities I consider when writing.


I wish things could be different but I suppose basic human instincts are the greatest enemy of We, the People… everywhere.

Humans are a social creature with top dogs and those at the bottom of the pack.

And then there is the instinct for a “sense of belonging” that is shown in a multitude of ways.

A recent example for me was watching a NFL football game on TV. USA-type football.

The TV camera panned onto the spectators frequently and the actions, mannerisms, apparel worn, etc. showed me what I perceive but one of MANY ways humans bond to something outside themselves.

Military establishments traditionally take advantage of the human need to acquire a sense of belonging to create “unit cohesion.”

Have you ever read or heard about soldiers on the battlefield not fighting for their country or a cause but are actually fighting to save themselves and/or their friend(s) fighting alongside them?

Yes… there are times when troops are fighting to repel an invader as occurred during those immense battles between those BRAVE men and women of the USSR when the invading scourge of Nazi Germany began slaughtering them with the intent to enslave all who lived in the USSR.

Though the hatred of the invader encouraged them the power of fighting for their buddies was also present.

How about Vietnam? Maybe there was an eventual threat to the USA there due to global politics but if only the USA had shaken Ho Chi Minh‘s hand when offered in friendship to the USA a valuable possible friend and ally was lost.

“He repeatedly petitioned American President Harry S. Truman for support for Vietnamese independence, citing the Atlantic Charter, but Truman never responded.”

France had colonized and occupied Vietnam before WW 2 and re-entered after the Japanese lost WW 2. USA politicians, for whatever reason, ignored what I believe was a cry for help that was ignored. Maybe because USA elites did not have a wealth-stream enriching their coffers from that area.


Look at how those folks in the area bravely fought against the wast military forces brought against them.

Then notice how USA military veterans visit Vietnam to visit as tourists and are never bothered or harassed!!!

I have yet to read of even one negative incident regarding an ex-military person from the USA having a negative experience due to his or her having been there 40 years or more ago in uniform.


Many but far from all USA residents within the USA shouted out their disagreement with the Vietnam Conflict.

The well-indoctrinated child from the upper ranks of the hierarchy showed his support for Vietnam, a war he never fought and even avoided ever entering the military. That child who has grown into what I consider to be a mere BOY is the buffoon who lost his bid for the USA presidency in the 2012 election. Yes… again I am mentioning Mitt Romney.

I am not proclaiming that those who supported the Vietnam Conflict were right or wrong… and I feel the same about those who believed that war was a horrible mistake.

I believe my opinion is obvious but there is MUCH more about Vietnam than whether that war should have been fought or not fought.

Life is much more complicated than that.

How about the feelings towards those who fought in the war? How about those who evaded the draft?

Each of those groups did what they thought was best or what their indoctrination compelled them to do or who knows what forced led each individual to act as they did?

I respect the actions of all.. in general.

I do despise that Mitt Romney BOY because of his attempt to become the main politician figurehead lackey vermin and the many anti-common folks statements he made when the public eye was upon him.


Time for a break from my thoughts.





I started this post to write about a song first aired on radio in either 1981 or 1982.


Still in Saigon


The song was played on various San Francisco Bay Area and outlaying regions radio stations but not for long.

It seemed as if the song just disappeared.

I remember reading somewhere during that era (print media) that there was some controversy about the song and that some stations chose to not play the song.

As the years passed I had to rely upon the media I bought that had the song upon it to be able to listen to it.

As the years passed and I listened to many different radio stations across the USA I do not recall ever hearing Still in Saigon again after the initial radio playing period.

I have done several Web searches seeking information about the brief radio-playing period and why the song seemed to disappear.

No luck.

Maybe the information is out there but I can not find it.

Thus, appearing before you, is yet another convoluted blog entry that exists to keep alive the memory of what I consider to be a good song that will join a HUGE horde of other songs that slowly fade away as those who liked it also fade away.

I wonder how long this blog and others I have created will remain after I finish my final painful convulsions and slip into the Great Mystery that does or does not follow our Earthly brief momentary flicker of existence as we know it.

Have a wonderful week, herd!!!

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