Strangers Converse

In a message board thread a gent agreed with what I wrote then added his opinion and I agreed with his opinion, on the whole, with only a small non-vital difference in viewpoints that would never prevent us from banding together to fight the tyranny enveloping the USA.

When the necessary cohort of new Founders arrives to settle in and do their tasks the many freedom fighters will rally around and commence performing what is needed to oust tyrants and begin re-sculpting the numerous systems currently used by tyrants to make serfs of the common folks and generally enslave We, the People.

All that lays in the future, however. I made this entry to show the final reply I made in the message board thread mentioned above. Security requires I show only my comment and a few key words were changed to prevent the tyrant’s lackeys from tracing the original post and possibly tracing the inputs there to discover another freedom fighter. The alterations do not alter the gist of the message.

*****Begin Message*****

Agree. (the context is that I agree with the message the other gent just posted in the thread that I am now replying to)

I am tossing in MY OPINION… the power of the elite-owned and controlled propaganda systems has immense influence upon the masses. Media, public schooling, our culture and society. We are immersed in propaganda to believe the American Dream. Love it or leave it. We’re Number ONE!!! (what a meaningless statement full of emotion but no logic).

Countless ways that makes the common folks support that which lords over them. The USA is not unique in this “brainwashing;” every country and almost all organizations do the same. Religions, corporate entities… on and on.

This topic is incredibly complex with lengthy studious books devoted to the topic.

Emotions is how to reach the masses and affect their thoughts. Facts and statistics affect but a small minority. The propaganda corps of the freedom fighters knows this. And our efforts are continuous. I have observed a large increase in anti-tyranny sites over the years. And I have also noticed a growth in the elite’s systems countering our efforts. The elites have the advantage by being embedded within the various systems they control but we are making headway.

You write well. Concise and highly-readable. I encourage you to assist the efforts to fight tyranny in any manner you desire. Every bit helps. There will always be disagreements about details but the main effort, to make meaningful changes in the systems tearing the USA apart, can be adopted by all despising tyranny.

When the needed cohort of Founder-quality personnel appear to assist in the needed leadership fine details can be hammered out then. As for now… try to make as many Americans as possible aware that there are extremely serious problems within the USA that require a mass effort by the multitudes to combat.

All the best to all of us.

+++++End Message*****

The number of freedom fighters is growing constantly. Messages attempting to counter the elite-based propaganda that supports tyranny are filling the Web and I hear folks talking in real life making declarations akin to what I read from freedom fighter messages, bulletin board posts and other places on the Web. Some of the most vehement exclamations are heard at various military veteran clubs and organizations. The folks we will need if the tyrants refuse to listen to We, the People, the 300-million-plus of us who are tired of being spit upon.






Final 2A.



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