Navy sailor sacrificed himself to save 20 lives after the USS Fitzgerald collision


Navy sailor sacrificed himself to save 20 lives after the USS Fitzgerald collision


Those who have served aboard a warship are aware of the alien, bizarre environment in what can too easily become a steel coffin. A man with guts saved others’ lives. Yet the elite-owned media will spew about rancid entertainers and sports stars with but a brief, if any, mention of this hero. Why is that? Those highly-paid entertainers make the elite-owned corporations far more money than the heroic acts of a commoner.

Will the day come when USA heroes decide the USA is no longer worth defending as it is? Perhaps the warrior class will break away and grab a big chunk of land and create a New USA. The Old USA will not dare try to take it back… we will have the warriors. Old USA will have punks lusting after money and power but lacking backbone that the warrior class has.


The Fitzgerald was struck below the waterline, and Rehm’s family was told by the Navy that he went under and saved at least 20 sailors, according to WBNS-10TV in Columbus, Ohio.

But when he went back down to get the other six sailors, the ship began to take on too much water, and the hatch was closed, WBNS-10TV said..

That event is something warship sailors know all too well. If saving the ship requires closing a hatch to prevent flooding and you are on the wrong side of that hatch you are doomed. Some watertight compartments have more than one exit improving your odds of escape. Not all spaces (compartment) have more than one exit limiting your options. Damage of any type, from collision to battle damage to interior fires or flooding from any source can create an impenetrable barrier to escape forcing you to wait for rescue. A rescue that may never come. This horror was experienced by the three sailors manning the emergency steering control room aboard the USS Forrestal CV-59 when the 1967 explosions and fires ravaged the aircraft carrier.



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