Millennials watching old James Bond are not impressed

Millennials watching old James Bond are not impressed

I hope they never watch Zulu

Above is one of the comment replies at the site discussing the article content.


Dr NO! Millennials watching classic Bond movies for the first time blast ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’ plots online – and describe Sean Connery’s 007 as ‘basically a rapist’

*Young viewers watching vintage James Bond for the first time left shocked
*Older movies in the decades-long Bond franchise dubbed ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’
*People have taken issue with Sean Connery’s 007, insisting he was a ‘wife beater’
*Others have said in a post-Weinstein world old Bond flicks are ‘offensive’
*Comes after Friends criticised by new generation of viewers on Netflix

Immense intense indoctrination of all people by the elite-owned media, educational systems, government entities using a variety of methods, society in general and other means and methods can implant thoughts and ideas into minds. Younger minds are most susceptible to indoctrination. Use propaganda to disseminate interesting to the audience material and allow social contact to convey and reinforce the message. That is why the media and its bound together  entertainment industry is very effective with influencing the youthful cohort.

Hopefully you have noticed how intently and intensely people interact with those portable electronic devices. Some folks, such as I, intently and intensely use the at-home computer but I am far past the indoctrination stage of life. Heck, I am part of the cohort attempting to educate/enlighten others… to alter the crap placed in minds by tyrannical forces or to urge others of my cohort to join the cause and fight the evil that tyrants and their lackeys are forcing upon We, the People.

Influence but a few young minds and they will engage with others via the Web, texting on cell phones and other methods and influence them and lead them to the sources of that enticing pleasing attractive propaganda… often presented via the entertainment industry in some manner. Notice how the entertainment industry lackey figureheads such as those extremely well-paid “stars” (I prefer “sell-outs”) are portrayed via media of all types giving their opinion about some topic, often a current event.

The few elite-class tyrants owning these industries send directions and directives downwards to their typically very-well-paid lackeys to publicize those stars whose message meshes with that the tyrants believe or what agenda they are supporting. Typically an agenda that increases the wealth and power of the elite class and often is harmful to the masses of common folks in the USA.

This situation reminds me of the immense power of the Catholic church over Europe during medieval times. Even kings bowed down to papal authority. That situation led to the Protestant Reformation. Bloody wars ensued. Society was ripped apart. The dark age was left behind… in Europe, anyway. Will the current situation result in our requiring our own “Reformation?”

With a very few exceptions parents have little control over who is indoctrinating their children. Peer groups may be the most influential entity regarding the molding of young minds. Influencing the youth peer groups are many things… the family unit, school, interaction within the peer group and, perhaps, one of the most powerful influences is the closely bound media/entertainment industries. Observe the content of youth-oriented entertainment. Even the educational-type TV shows often convey indoctrination along with the educational topic. Interpreting that propaganda is subjectively ascertained so I leave it to you to watch those shows and interpret them as you see fit.



A tiny minority of extremely wealthy people own and control and operate the institutions that have immense sway over the ideas and thoughts conveyed via the output of media of all types. Broadcast and printed propaganda engulfs We, the People akin to a tidal wave scouring all that it touches. And where can one find respite from that deluge? Maybe if you belong to a cult or sect that isolates itself entirely from USA society. Heck, even the inward-looking Amish are exposed to outside society. As for the vast majority of the USA populace… vast forces are attempting to brainwash you.













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