USA K-12 Educational Systems

Here is one fellow’s general opinion of a vast bureaucracy squandering BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars. I shout out… ABOLISH the damn thing and start anew. Here’s the other dude’s words:

I’m still learning at 53 hoss, I just quit school at 16 because I was bored shitless. I walked out with a 4.0 took the GED a month later and scored a 99 on it. They made me take it again just to prove I did not cheat. I got a 100 the second time.
School was so damn boring to me, I would sit in class and read a book of my choice instead of the subject. It really pissed off some of the teachers too. Half those fuckers were damn idiots. school is little more than state run daycare so wage slaves can be free to git their asses to their cubicle for 8 hours.
1. They do not teach critical thought, or ideas, they teach retention and parroting information for a test.
2. They do not teach “life skills” just lies and indoctrination to liberal lock-step.
3. Once you get reading, writing, and math, the rest is mostly bullshit, redundant, and make work to fill a fucking time slot.
Oh they tried to sell me the “American Dream” I just refused to “go to sleep”…

K-12 taxpayer-paid education is a scam. A huge scam. A monstrosity. Evil in some ways. It exists thanks to a lazy complacent populace.

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