WATCH: What Happens When Diversity-Obsessed Students Meet Black Conservative

WATCH: What Happens When Diversity-Obsessed Students Meet Black Conservative

Excellent article about free-speech and leftist punks on college campuses and other aspects of the whiny cry-baby punks infesting the younger generation. Video at the link. If I was a teacher I would print the article and have my students read it then have a discussion about the topics within the article. Outstanding writing style with this article. A professional writer at work.

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  1. Leftist punks! How true those two words are. I stopped here from find a grave. Just seen your note and followed you till I ended up here. Strange really? These leftist punks now a days have zero clue about what’s what ! Isn’t that right old coot? Anyway thought I’d introduce myself as Zabo and say hi there Mr. Old Coot! Have a great weekend and if you don’t mind I’ll have a look around your rants section. Since as you said it’s free and all. lol.

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