Solving USA Problems One Upchuck at a time

The mob commenting at that AOL site is a varied bunch. Anti-Trump comments appear in every thread. The topic could be about the most preferred flooring-type in house entryways but several to many comments will disparage Trump and/or Republicans or conservatives in general and rebuttals by those slandered will follow. Less often, likely because they are generally a higher class of folks, the leftist loonies, Hillary-loving idiots and Democrats in general are lambasted by the conservative crowd. Great fun for all.


Depending upon the topic starting the comment thread the participants are more apt to stick to the topic while commenting. These threads allow a look at differing attitudes and beliefs across the USA and its many societal segments. Excluded are those who are illiterate or whose personal interests exclude involving themselves with reading/writing. And folks imprisoned with no access to the Web. And others… you figure out which cohorts those are… I am back to whatever the hell I am writing about.

Okay. AOL. Message/commenting board. BBS to some. Activities therein. Idiot liberals and their Hillary lust. Various topics. Peek at differing people across the USA (likely a few foreigners from afar commenting but seems that mostly USA folks are present). Okay, the title of this essay is my guide.

A recent AOL News article told of yet another bout of sickness traced to a particular vittles vendor. Here… read a snippet:

More than 170 people fell ill after eating at the Ohio Chipotle that’s at the center of a suspected illness outbreak, according to a website that tracks foodborne illnesses.

I am a high-quality conveyor of wit and wisdom and other stuff making me unsuitable for political office so being fair to all it is possible that particular food vendor may not be responsible for the apparent outbreak of gastrointestinal distress. Even if they are the source may have been in foodstuffs provided by others with no practical way to remove the offending unseen not-known-of bacteria.

If you want to peruse that comment thread yourself I could force you to Google it and dig through the offerings but NO!!! Building up my already quality karma content here’s the link. You’re welcome.

170 people say they got sick after eating at a Chipotle restaurant that was shut down on Monday

This blog entry is not here to warn you fine folks of perils awaiting you via food poisoning caused by bacteria entering your body and relentlessly replicating using cellular division and exponential multiplication that results in a huge horde of living one-cell entities eating you and… do you ever think about this… everything that eats eventually… excretes. Takes a dump. And bacteria, the mega-billions of them inside you… are eating and defecating. Pooping. With bacteria it’s a combination of pooping and peeing. Peeping? Whatever.

Smoke break.  Bong hit time  No. Not that. A little cigar-like thing.

Done. Hello. The good bacteria inside you assist with digestion and other complicated stuff beyond my knowledge. Bad bacteria are enemies and often (always?) it is their “peeping’ that harms your body. Those toxins harm you and can even kill you!!! Your body has various ways to fight those bacteria. The best way to fight the foe is to not allow them into your body. That can be hard to do with an enemy you can often not detect.

There are sanitary practices to follow to minimize your exposure. Learn them. Follow them. Then trust to luck. Eating stuff other folks prepare increases the hazards. A bout of food poisoning assists one’s desire to avoid a repeat performance. I wrote about one event at that comment thread:

Last time I had food poisoning was three-months ago after eating a McRib at McD. In a 24-hour period I lost ten pounds. Projectile expulsions fore and aft. Sure glad I have hardwood floors vice carpeting. I only had that one McRib before the catastrophic event. That along with various sensations and visual clues informed me of the root cause of the bacteria swarming within the vittles and, ultimately, me. My body self-defenses functioned properly and my trillions of self-cells fought off the invaders. It was a Battle Royale that if lost would have sent my essence unto eternity.

Most folks do not die from food poisoning but news reports tell us that some unlucky souls do. To minimize the chances that the eating public contracts food poisoning at restaurants and other public vendors of vittles I made a proposal:

Fearsomely, every food purveyor will eventually have employees that take short cuts due to various reasons. Laziness is frequent along with a lack of empathy for others. Simply not caring if ones actions causes pain and suffering to others. Those people need to be found and permanently removed from USA society. Perhaps deport them to some wasteland on a different continent where they can either build a new society and thrive or die from idleness and stupidity. Both results are fine as long as the filth are no longer infesting the once-sovereign USA.

If you agree contact your political representatives and politely demand that they finally do something for the good of We, the People and get those modern-day Typhoid Marys out of our midst and sent to a place far far away where they can never harm us again.

My civic duty is done for the day. Back to harassing the masses of well-indoctrinated buffoons infesting the republic.

A few pics before I go:

























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