Muslim Appreciation Month comes to California

Traitors abound in the USA as they do in Europe. Efforts are ongoing to enlighten the people of the USA of the threats against all Western countries. As elsewhere, the tyrannical elites who want to destroy our Western ways of life are using their vast wealth and corporate ownership to use systems of command and control to assist their efforts. The many media they own along with entertainment industries are effective indoctrination devices. The jobs they give departing politicians and bureaucrats has immense legal influence upon those traitors’ actions while in office. Politician traitors know huge financial rewards await them for proper behaviors while in office or other positions. This huge scam is legal in the USA and likely in other Western countries.

USA people are bombarded relentlessly with the messages those tyrannical elites send to convince the masses to think thus behave as the tyrants desire. Us common folks opposing tyranny and the barbarians and others used as weapons against us are arrayed against foes of immense power. We must keep fighting back. If those traitor tyrants win this war our Western world and individual cultures, societies and countries will be battered beyond recognition and our Western ways of life destroyed. A New Dark Age awaits us. We can not allow that to happen.

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