The Truth About The Mollie Tibbetts Story and Why This is The Future of America – YouTube

Murdered by an illegal alien invader. One of many. Invaders and murders. And rapes. And child molestations. And every crime imaginable. Done by barbarians invading the USA. Barbarians invading the USA with the support of traitors among us. Brainwashed by tyrannical elite-owned media to accept the ongoing invasion. The USA is in the throes of an undeclared war. Prepare to battle tyranny, patriots. Our lives and ways of life depend upon defeating evil tyrants and their lackeys.

Every politician assisting illegal aliens in any way must appear before a military tribunal and charged with aiding and abetting every criminal act by all illegal alien invader filth. The immense number of charges ensures that the traitor to We, the People will, if found guilty, be sentenced to life with no parole and hopefully at HARD LABOR under military jurisdiction.

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