Who is George Soros = Gyorgy Schwartz ???

via Who is George Soros = Gyorgy Schwartz ???

Evil among us. Beware tyrants. The Founders wrote what must be done when tyrants raise their ugly evil heads. Beware of this creatures vile spawn. It appears that they are continuing the tyrannical tasks of enslaving the common folks of the USA and other Western countries.

Follow the link and receive an overview of an evil tyrannical elite-class enemy of the common folks. His wealth buys an army of lackeys.






  1. Why hasn’t this guy been arrested and thrown out of the US? How can we allow this cancer in our country? DO we not have laws against this kind of interference in our elections?

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  2. So he throws money at the democrats. Not a surprise that they would sell out our great country. obama, the corrupt, perverse clintons, the lying, disgusting n pelosi. May each of them receive God’s justice.

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