U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Grass Roots Take Charge


Beware of tyrants taking control of the military and/or law enforcement systems. Tyrannical elites with massive wealth and backed by the monolithic corporate systems they own and control have become the new royalty of our era. Observe the evils of the “robber baron” satanic (my opinion) Soros and his army of lap-dog lackeys he buys to assist with his desired destruction of Western civilization and replacing it with some bizarre form of corporate feudalism (again, my opinions). There are others akin to Soros and they are a severe danger to the masses of common folks in all Western countries. If Soros was Chinese and trying to pull his crap in China they would likely solve the problem with the one bullet to the spine where it enters the head.

All Western civilization is in peril. Europe is falling to the corporate overlords thanks to high-level politician lackey traitors. Traitors to the masses of common folks while loyal to those with the wealth. Things are different in the USA. We can fight back. With firepower if forced to by the evil battering against our freedoms and Western ways of life. The subject is extremely complicated and not covered in this blog. Go to the Web and educate yourself about the perils facing the USA and all Western civilization… if you have not already done so.

The threat is real and growing. The barbarians are at the gate and already swarming within. Muster the forces or face a New Dark Age that could envelope all Western civilization of the tyrannical elites and the masses of barbarians from afar obtain their evil desires.


















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