Patriots… I Fear for the Future

Patriots in Western militaries must do some insightful thinking and ponder the need to rise up and protect their citizens and country from traitors and invading barbarians. A military coup takes control and roots out the traitors and ensures patriotic to country and Western values take control.

Dig into the source of the traitor’s funding and wrench those fiends’ wealth away and send to labor camps to atone for their vile deeds against the Western world.


Draconian times require those measures. All Western countries are in a war for survival. If we lose a New Dark Age descends that could be worse than the planned Thousand Year Reich of the recent past. In the USA a military coup to root out traitors and New World Order Globalist filth would have the backing of mega-millions of armed citizens. Could the same be expected of France, Britain, Sweden, Germany and other invaded countries swarming with traitors spitting upon the citizens and hordes of barbarians raping, pillaging and murdering the Western folks of those occupied countries?

Western Civilization in Peril

The link above leads to a blog covering a few of the horrors confronting other Western countries. There are many links there leading to other sites that tell of the immensity of the horrors confronting all Western countries. The New World Order Globalist Cultural-Marxist open-border cabal concentrates on Western countries. The super-rich Western traitors involved likely know if they tried their crap with China or other countries with back-bone they would likely be hunted down and killed. And rightfully so!!! Those traitors are responsible for untold death and destruction!!!















Illegal aliens and their USA citizen supporters prove where their loyalty lays. A rabid mob of anti-USA protestors raise the Mexico flag above the Montebello, USA post office.















Europe fighting back but nothing changes. Rapes and murders and molesting children are at rates never experienced… until the Moslems and other barbarians arrived. Taxpayers are forced to support the invaders… just as we support our invaders here in the USA. We are lucky that the mega-millions of our invaders are not committed to spreading a cult of death as the Moslem barbarians are. To make up for that, to assist with the dividing and conquering of We, the People, the traitor Globalist New World Order filth and their corporate supporters AND their lap-dog lackey politicians and bureaucrats AND the masses of idiotic well-indoctrinated sheep-like supporters among the common folks USA taxpayers are supporting imported Moslem filth who constantly prove their hatred of infidels and the USA.

Truly the USA is in a state of war. Prepare yourselves, people. It may get very ugly soon.










Add the traitors owning/controlling entertainment industry corporations. Observe Hollywood, TV, music, etc. output and how much of that indoctrinates folks into accepting the various agendas forced upon us by the Globalist New World Order cabal.

The many aspects of the negative events and affairs inundating all Western countries is extremely complex and convoluted and that eases the efforts of the traitors spitting upon Western civilization and every country of the West. The Founders had a far easier target to arouse support among the colonists to become rebels. King George and his forces. We, the People now lack a cohort of New Founders to guide us. Our cohort are millions of common folks with limited means to assist with spreading the warning of the evil confronting all of us. It is likely the combined wealth of the patriots fighting the Globalists does not come close to equaling what one elite-class traitor (is Soros among that evil cabal?) or any of the corporations used as a weapon to destroy Western civilization.












voting insanity




















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