Facebook Bans Content Linked To Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes


“The neo-fascist group’s members were involved in an assault on protesters in New York this month.”

Antifa anarchists with faces covered initiate the attack against the Proud Boys who had been attending a public event. Trying to deny the Proud Boys free-speech and assembly rights the masked thugs attack. The Proud Boys defended themselves but there is no defense against the tyrannical media owned and operated by traitors to the USA and We, the People.


New World Order, cultural-Marxist, open-border, anti-Western civilization tyrants are using their vast wealth and ownership of many media outlets to deny a voice to patriots defying the tyrants and their strong-arm lackeys that include Antifa, the Red Guards and others who have repeatedly shown that they will use violence against not only those opposing the New World Order evil but also those who simply do not agree with their anti-Western cult.

The Proud Boys was created to protect the people being violently attacked by the roving gangs the New World Order tyrants encourage and support. Whoever within Facebook who ousted Proud Boy content has, in my opinion, proven themselves a traitor to We, the People and supports the destruction of the USA. When military tribunals make their appearance to judge traitors I expect lengthy sentences at hard labor under military jurisdiction. Stand tall, Proud Boys. You are patriots standing up to the tyrants the Founders warned us about in their writings.

Facebook Bans Content Linked To Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes | HuffPost


































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