Police: Utah officer killed, fleeing suspect also dead – AOL News



“A 31-year-old police officer in a Salt Lake City suburb was killed when he was intentionally struck by a car carrying fleeing burglary suspects, police say.”

Lots of message board activity regarding this news story. Observing the barrage of comments shortly after AOL posted the story I noticed that as the number of comments grew that a concurrent reduction in the number was happening. I also noted that several of my comments were deleted along with others’ comments. Political correctness at work. It is AOL’s right to censor what is on their site. And the tyrannical elites’ power assisted by their owning and controlling monolithic corporations makes those few folks far more powerful in many ways than millions of us mere commoners.


Twelve-hours or so after leaving that message board thread I returned to view the damage. I did not notice much increase in the number of comments. Curiosity compelled me to leave an innocuous comment to return to later and see if it had been deleted. Perhaps my logged-in screen name is a trigger that compels cubicle-bound lackeys of their corporate masters to delete my posts. I waited awhile then decided to return to the thread to inform others of what I had noticed. While there I saw my innocuous comment was still there and a mere three new posts had been added. Normal traffic would result in several dozen new posts during the time of day this is occurring (8 to 10 AM CST). I guess that the anger in many folks about yet another cop killed is leading to comments that AOL PC censors shudder at then delete. Just a guess. I have no proof.

Below is the post in the thread to inform other AOL commenting section users and to inform the AOL censors of one of its users’ feelings. Surely many others out there share my views in part or maybe in full:

Sunday evening/night censors deleted MANY posts. Censorship levels vary across the day and night. Legitimate opinions using socially acceptable language at all age levels and that contained nothing advocating violence etc. was deleted. Reality expressed via data and/or links to FACTS to support an opinion was removed. AOL can support the New World Order Globalist agendas that includes open borders, Marxist leanings and the destruction of the Founders’ creation as it is their right. We, the People also have the right to confront tyranny in ways recommended in the Founders’ writings. Beware if that fateful time ever arrives dear AOL owners and those loyal lackeys assisting their tyrannical overlords. The anger is growing within the USA and a Rev War Two is a possibility and may be required to oust tyranny and secure the USA from tyrannical evil both inner and that invading our once sovereign country.

And the PC punks will see the errors of their indoctrinated ways and allow the good, decent, law-abiding civil folks of the USA to express their outrage about the many barbarians roaming our sacred land and harming and killing the citizenry and brutally killing the selected citizens chosen to be the “white blood cells” of society to remove the barbarian parasites preying upon We, the People.

So sad about the murdered policeman. Follow the link for the news story. Newer stories will have more information about the barbarian doing the vile evil deed. I would not be surprised if the demon is in the USA illegally. Folks… I suppose it is something you have to experience personally. The elite-owned mass media never reports about this aspect of life in our diverse and multicultural USA. I grew up among the California Chicanos and worked in the San Joaquin Valley fields with migrant workers. A percentage of them dislike Gringos. A few hate us and view us as easy pickings. The urban Chicanos tended to contain far more of the criminal element that what I encountered working in the fields. One way to understand the dislike Chicanos hold for Gringos is to have eight of them attack you, pummel you, knock you to the ground and practice their punting techniques on your body. I was lucky. 1971 was the OG (original gangster) era when fists and feet were the norm. I had dozens of one-on-one fights with the Chicanos starting in 4th-grade. I never backed down and practice and training made me a damn good street brawler. I guess the local gangs tired of my constant winning so made a point by proving the Chicanos were the bosses of all they surveyed.

I wonder how many of the cental Americans trying to invade the USA are akin to the cohort resorting to criminality to cause harm to citizens and what percentage simply despise the Gringo? The Chicanos have ran a lot of Black USA citizens out of the Los Angeles basin by using violence. Search the Web!!! The truth is out there!!! Do not expect the tyrannical elite-owned media to inform you about that aspect of the ongoing invasion. They are too busy trying to make President Trump, law enforcement of all types, the military and the citizenry that do not want the USA invaded to appear as evil monsters!!! The elites are showing women and children running and crying in fear at the southern border. They never show the fear of a citizen being beaten or killed by illegal alien invaders on USA soil.

Enough of this. An extremely complicated topic. If I was not so lazy I would proofread this essay. Before I go… please open your minds and look around you. Is the USA in peril? Is all Western civilization in peril. Many say no. I believe the less-indoctrinated more enlightened folks would shout “YES!!!”  Prepare to battle tyranny. The Founders wrote about tyranny in the writings they left us. They also said how to defeat that evil when it rears its ugly head. We will use every peaceful method possible. If none of those methods work we will not be enslaved!!! “To everything, turn turn turn… there is a season…”







Police: Utah officer killed, fleeing suspect also dead – AOL News

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