Defy the tyrants. Defy their politician and bureaucrat lap-dog lackeys. Support the politicians fighting to save our Western civilization from the invading beasts urged on by the traitors among us. Fight for cultural, social and national survival. The vile filthy diabolical self-serving elite-class intent upon destroying Western civilization are immensely wealthy and control many corporations that are effective at disseminating propaganda that convinces many Westerners that foreign dilution by barbarians is the proper thing to do. Do not fall for their lies!!!

We have had war forced upon us by evil as great as that of murderous Pol Pot and Idi Amin and the tyrannical elites are Stalin-like in their hatred of the common folks and just as deadly. Fight back using every legal method available to us. Talk to the law enforcement and military personnel of your country. Remind them where their loyalties lay… with the country and the citizens within… not the despicable lackey leadership allowing foreign murderers and rapists to flood into our Western homelands.

If all peaceful efforts at ending this war of extermination that has been unleashed by tyrants upon Western people are futile then only two options remain. Either become servants of the new ruling class lording over us using their imported barbarian hordes to control us or we do as Western warriors have done in the past. We must not lose this war, patriots. Imagine the horrors of a New Dark Age settling down upon us. Prepare, patriots and be active in your efforts to end this madness before we are forced to enter the battlefield.

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