Feds arrest Syrian refugee accused of plotting terrorist attack on Pittsburgh church

“A Syrian refugee living in Pittsburgh has been arrested on charges of plotting a terrorist attack on a Christian church.”

Traitors within the USA allow these foreign filthy dangerous anti-USA anti-Western barbarians into the USA. Those traitors must be sent to military tribunals where a guilty verdict results in lengthy periods at HARD LABOR under military jurisdiction!!!


Islam has proven itself for 1,400 years as an evil cult intent upon conquering the world and forcing all to submit or be enslaved. Why is the USA and other Western countries so weak, gutless and powerless to defend themselves. I believe I could gather tens-of-millions or more of armed USA citizens ready to fight to the death and destroy the evil Islamic hordes!!!! First we would offer surrender followed by deportation. Military tribunals would decide the fates of those Moslems currently citizens. If allowed to stay they would be informed of the extreme penalties for ANY anti-USA or anti-Western actions.

And NO MORE MOSLEMS ALLOWED INTO THE USA unless they are representing foreign governments or have a TEMPORARY visa to conduct business affairs that are beneficial to the USA.

No more laying down and exposing our throats as we are forced to do now by the traitors in our midst. Affairs are so severe that Moslem filth are infecting our Congress!!!

Patriots… things in general are only going to get worse. Military officers need to look inside them selves, read the Founder’s writings and avail themselves to the immense amount of information and valid learned opinions upon the Web warning us of the threats facing the Founder’s creation. The Moslem menace is only one of many threats facing the USA.

I fear that things in general have progressed so far and the evil so well-embedded in the USA command and control systems and too many people well-indoctrinated to accept the dangers confronting us that only a successful military coup can save the USA from swirling down into the depths of a New Dark Age with tyrannical elites using barbarians to lord over the masses and the common folks of the USA mere serfs and possibly even slaves.

Heed my words, folks. The tyrannical elite-owned mass media will NOT reveal reality to you. Neither will the propaganda systems of Hollywood, TV and other entertainment and media industries. Even the educational systems are spewing propaganda endlessly.

Feds arrest Syrian refugee accused of plotting terrorist attack on Pittsburgh church – ABC News

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