The Jones generation part 1: I be one of the Joneses

“Ok. I am a generations geek. I love to study the cycle of generations, generational behavior patterns and attitudes and why certain generations do something and other s do something else. Geeky? yes. Interesting? Well. To me it is. So.”

Generation Jones is a concept I thought of before reading or hearing about that sub-set of the Boomers. I had no name for the cohort but I detected differences between the early Boomers and the later bunch. One thing I thought of was . . .

To many early boomers the things they were doing was the latest trend, the newest fad. Let’s burn some draft cards and march against the war!!! Hey, lets start an underground newspaper!!! Groovy!!! Let’s start an urban commune . . . a different bunch starts a rural commune. Drop houses and crash pads where people wandered in and out. Some staying awhile some one night. Great fun!!!!

Us young boomers watched all that and those events made impressions upon us. Instead of fads to be followed many of us had those events become a part of our psyche. When 18-years arrived I was in the military and most nights, except for duty nights, I was staying at the local crash pad. I was a regular and my chipping in on utilities and food gave me extra privileges. It was California and folks from across the USA were still traveling to California . . . many by hitch-hiking that had not died out yet. The vast majority were late Boomers. The early Boomers were elsewhere. A surprisingly large number of California “hippies” departed the state as I was to find out in 1978 when long-haul trucking took me to Oregon a lot. There, scattered across the state, were hordes of hippies from California grooving on the scene.

So much more but that would best be covered in an essay dedicated to late Boomer experiences.

Thanks for the essay/article. It was one of the better ones I have found so far.

Follow the link below to read the article about those late Boomers some refer to as Generation Jones.

the jones generation part 1: i be one of the joneses | Enlightened Conflict

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