Drug addiction is not a disease – YouTube


Yet another TV ad prompting the drug abusers, addicts, whoever to call the “FREE” telephone number and receive “FREE” advice and consultation that is assuredly actually a sales pitch. A FREE sales pitch. Those ads are expensive so there is a cost to somebody somewhere to pay for those ads AND the firm placing the ads and to create a profit for the person or people who started the for-profit firm.

The more times you read and/or hear the word “FREE” expect to pay more than you would for a product or service that does not use that term as a come-on.

Along with the “FREE” crap yet again the actor dressed as a doctor assures the ad viewer that your addiction is a disease. Whether addiction is actually a disease is an open debate that will likely never end. If labeling your addiction a disease assists a firm with grabbing your money then expect that definition to continue until outside power forces an end to the practice… though that will likely never occur.






Enveloping your mind and thoughts to have the viewer think then behave in ways the advertiser wants you to. Vast amounts of wealth are spent to coerce you into doing what others want. Defy them!!!

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