Legalize Pot for Recreational Use

legal pot billions USA Mexico cartels local small business


Nation-wide make recreational use legal. Legal production not allowed by monolithic corporations. Only common folks at the individual level allowed to grow and sell. Local level and state licensing used to create an income flow used to rebuild infrastructures. Taxation based on amounts sold. Enough taxes to provide wealth for local and state used but NOT exorbitant. Let the professionals figure this out. Allow the grower enough income to make a decent living and amass some wealth for retirement. No multi-millionaires or billionaire emerging from this common folks endeavor.

Have large monetary fines for driving while stoned. Ads encouraging toking when and where proper. Folks are toking already and always will so stimulate jobs in the USA and grab taxes for the PUBLIC good and make fines a method of reducing the minimal threat to the motoring public. Cost savings accrued by encouraging toking over guzzling the toxin alcohol. Alcohol associated with violent behaviors, pot, not so much. It’s groovy, man.

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