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Hi kids. At a message board far away I deviated from my typical input and responded to a posting with some off-topic commentary that gently nudged the starting topic then veered away. Posted to inform younger readers while, perhaps, entertaining the older crowd who could relate to my commentary. Finishing the writing task I decided that all the mental effort including numerous pokes at the keyboard cried out for use elsewhere.

This little nook within the Web seemed like a good spot to get the most mileage from my effort so here we go…


Sansui QRX-9001 receiver


Remained with vinyl and tape long after CDs became the rage then the norm. Saw the price of players and CDs drop then drop some more. I was aware of the convenience of CDs regarding portability, space saving, having a CD carousel with 300 CDs ready to play at the push of a remote button then another push selected the song desired with nary a rising to place a record on the turntable then oh-so gently lower the stylus onto the LP.

Finally relented. Received awesome amounts of wealth via eBay auctions for my vinyl record collection. Made folks around the planet very happy. Germany, Japan, Australia and many to the USA. The wealth obtained bought CD player and a mass of CDs that were now inexpensive and the used market was abloom with a huge choice of like-new CDs for a pittance. I was now a high-tech audiophile!!!

Time passed. Not a lot. Perhaps two decades after the conversion I saw a rapid decline in the number of CDs at used CD stores and even Wal-Mart and other retailers stocked but a few CDs and many were priced at $5… far cheaper then the past. Asking around the younger set I find many that do not use CDs. They get their music via newer technologies. And I think back to my cassettes, reel-to-reel tape, with quadraphonic versions of those including a lot of quad software and even my 8-track that was also quadraphonic in ability. All ancient history. As I am. Soon to depart this planetary existence for resettlement into the Great Unknown that awaits those departing this plane of existence.

I won’t even describe the transition of the time when “Wanna’ buy a lid?” was replaced with “Yo, dude, wanna buy an ounce?” Have a nice day!!!


Santa Fat Freddy doobie

I was once the proud owner of what some quadiophiles proclaim to be the finest quadraphonic receiver of them all. The massive (65 pounds) Sansui QRX-9001. 65 watts of pure clean sound power out of 4 channels. Built-in quadraphonic decoders of the three major quad types and several decoders that created a simulated 4-channel surround ambience from a stereo 2-channel source. Grooviness to the extreme.

Bought used from an Air Force B-52 pilot who was doing a ground tour on Okinawa in 1976. He brought it back to “the Real World (USA)” and used it until the mid-1990s when he heard my cry over the local AM radio “garage sale show” aired every Saturday morning asking for quality quad equipment. A call, a visit and a purchase. Pure audio delight, kids. But, those bygone days are no more. Various life alterations, none calamitous, led to the departure of all audio until all that remains is a Panasonic stereo boom box designed for shelf use inside the shack. AM/FM, cassette tape, CD and… LO!!! my next first step into moderninity done in 2018… the device has a USB aka thumb-drive by some, player with device innards that decode the MP3 information.

I dug through my large collection of CDs and using my desktop electronic brain converted the WAV format songs I wanted at hand to MP3 and threw it into the USB stick. Peering at the remaining space after loading hundreds of songs I saw I had ample room for MANY more. Amazing!!! And the music clarity is more than fine for abused ears confronted by naval gun-fire

5 iinch naval gun fire weapon

and numerous hand-held devices such as the .45 and M-60. Then the heavy equipment operations over the decades.



Doing the jobs illegal alien lovers proclaim Americans will not do. Screw those traitors!!!! Technology does have its advantages!!!! And so this story ends. Deviating away from the current news stories I typically deliver here. We now return to our regular programming. Film at eleven.

New content here… for this blog post…

I miss the wondrous ambience of the quad experience. I had a room devoted to the 4-channel surround audio immersion. There is no way I can describe the aural awesomeness of Santana’s Black Magic Woman played with the SQ surround format swirling around the room and then inside my brain as it decoded the input from my stereo ears. A pleasure it was. I miss it but several moves later I am very glad I no longer have to tote around that heavy audio equipment. And LP records are heavy when you have hundreds of them. Age has taken its toll on mind and body. The device below and my entire music library is easily lifted with one withered decrepit arm and hand:


Panasonic RX-D55

Behold the mighty Panasonic RX-D55

Cassette player on the top. CD player with a slide-out tray. AM/FM and a tiny slot for a USB stick/thumb drive next to the left-side speaker. Four speakers total. Good sound for a smaller unit. Well-built unlike so much of the stuff wandering into the USA from the eastern hemisphere. The unit was built for world-wide operations. It came with a 220 volt to 120 volt transformer. If I end up in Europe I can use it there without the transformer!!!  I placed comment containing a warning to others on the page selling this unit but the vile scum corporate lackey(s) deleted my appropriate warning to others about the 220 volt unit requiring a transformer. A valid appropriate comment that was deleted. I avoided Amazon thereafter and used other sites. I also discovered that other sites often have lower prices than Amazon.

Sure, other folks adore Amazon but it has its faults. That firm has also removed from sale various books that warn the public about leftist, Marxist and New World Order tendencies. A Web search will reveal much information about this ongoing event that the elite-owned New World Order media gives little coverage about.

Okay. Time to wander out the door and interact with the local portion of the world and say “Hi” to the robins hopping around seeking a bug to eat.



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