The Shaggs live footage at Fremont Town Hall 1972 – YouTube


For your viewing and listening enjoyment rare footage from a live concert by the world-famous Shaggs!!! Groove on the color organ on the stage. Feel the excitement in the audience. Dig on the groovy cats and chicks bouncing around in a 1970s-era rendition of dancing!!! Rue that you were not there. Far far fewer folks attended this incredible concert than did the huge hordes invading Bethel/White Lake, New York for that three days of fun, love and music. Well, maybe those taking the infamous brown acid didn’t have much fun but they still had bragging rights for having attended.

However… as you can see in this extremely rare live footage the small handful of concert-goers here can claim the fame of being in the presence of the incredible Shaggs!!!!!




How I Fell in Love With a Band Considered By Many to be the Worst of All Time



Folks, it is your lucky day. Here is the awesome extended dance mix of My Pal Foot Foot. For the few unaware Foot Foot is the lovely Shaggs girls’ pet kitty cat that ran away from home and has yet to be found.



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