Lone Sailor Award – Wikipedia


“The United States Navy Memorial presents a Lone Sailor Award to Sea Service veterans who have excelled with distinction in their respective careers during or after their service.

The award recipients will join a list of men and women who have distinguished themselves by drawing upon their military experience to become successful in their subsequent careers and lives, while exemplifying the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.

The Lone Sailor Award has been given out each year since the Navy Memorial was dedicated in 1987.”


Looking at the recipient list and thinking of the masses of common folks typically ignored by the small percentage of people inhabiting the higher socioeconomic levels I hereby declare that the Lone Sailor Award is the most lame-ass award the Navy can offer and that a true patriot from the masses of commoners could rightfully be disgusted and offended if the awarding committee tried to bestow the award upon them.

To avoid a lengthy tirade explaining my reasons for the beliefs I hold towards that award I leave it up to you to envision why a fellow such as I believes this way. For some ascertaining the reason will be easy and come naturally. For others who I rate as being well-indoctrinated simpletons bleating their sheep-like delight with their elite-class overlords determining what prompts my attitude/belief is likely nigh-on impossible.


Lone Sailor Award – Wikipedia

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