5 Things Emotionally Stable People Don’t Do – Personal Growth


“It’s a common belief that some people are just “highly emotional” by nature while others have a more balanced temperament. And while there are likely some genetic influences on how emotional we are, the much bigger influence is something most people don’t realize: It’s your habits that determine how emotional you feel, especially your mental habits.”


Here’s the comment I placed at the site. It goes off-topic but a non-deluded only slightly-twisted mind should be able to detect the tie-in of my comment with what the article discusses.

“At the risk of severe lambasting I mutter in a most general way with a reminder that there are always exceptions that wise folks, including females, have declared that allowing female suffrage in 1920 started the Founders’ creation on a long steady decline that may lead to the ultimate destruction of the USA. What will arise to replace the destroyed USA? I predict a horrid combination of a New World Order where the unholy alliance between monolithic corporations and governance at all levels bring on a New Dark Age where the masses are mere serfs of their overlords.

It is not too late to alter the ongoing horrors. The only measure to save the Founder’s creation that I can envision is a successful military coup by a patriot officer corps who would take control and gather our best and brightest minds and put them to work to alter the USA’s systems of command and control, economic, political and the many other systems that when combined allow the USA to function on a day-to-day and ongoing basis. These changes are done within a Constitutional basis and usurp the current control by a tiny fraction of the USA populace.

The complexity of these affairs would require several lengthy books just to describe the changes needed. Thus I stop here to allow the reader to ponder my worlds and decide if We, the People need to remain on the current path or undertake the efforts required to save what the Founder’s intended.”


5 Things Emotionally Stable People Don’t Do – Personal Growth – Medium


Folks, for various reasons I deleted a few of my blogs. One angered a mosque in western Canada that started an ongoing e-mail attack that tried to insert hostile code into my computer. I was too savvy to fall for their nefarious scheme. After a few months they stopped.

Another ongoing attack was traced to what I believe was a .gov site in Somalia that had a Web site operated by the Somali military. If you guessed it was a blog I had that constantly mentioned Islamic atrocities you are right. I concentrated on European horrors but tossed in a few USA, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand attacks and evils for the heck of it. Nothing fictional though I did toss in personal opinion. Those opinions are likely what angered the Moslems who attacked me via e-mail.

Those attacks were a couple years ago. I am aware of other types of attacks so stayed aware of my environment by staying alert and having situational awareness ready for any appropriate response. So far, nothing. Hooray!!!

Anyway… one person has only so much time and I decided to devote the time required to keep those blogs running to other things… one being volunteering at the local American Legion post where there is always something that needs done.

That’s all the personal news that’s fit to print.

Have a nice day!!!

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