Cop Stresses Constitutional Rights Must Not Be Infringed – YouTube

USA & Western civilization under attack

Spread that video below (scroll down) around. Try to have every law enforcement person see the video. Also show it to bureaucrats and politicians who will spit upon We, the People so that they can continue lording over us. If revolt occurs strike the heads first. Try to convince the cop on the street to join the patriot cause. Do the same with politicians and bureaucrats, If they choose the tyrant’s path recall the Founder’s writings and what must be used as a LAST RESORT when tyranny arises.

Western civilized folks are a generally peaceful people. Use every peaceful method possible to quell tyranny. If all peaceful efforts fail then it will be the tyrants that force We, the People, to rise up and destroy the tyrants and their willing lackeys. Hopefully the law enforcement and other personnel that prop up tyranny will join the patriot cause. By sheer force…

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