Stop Dismantling the VA


Tell Congress:NO to Privatizing the VA!


Efforts by greedy corporations and their lackeys want to grab huge hunks of taxpayer wealth and charge maximum rates for tending to military veterans’ medical needs. The current VA medical system, though far from perfect, is not designed to create huge profits for absentee owners who do NOTHING to tend to anybody’s medical needs.

Privatizing the VA medical system would lessen veteran medical care while sending enormous profits to a few within the elite-class ranks. The taxpayers do not need yet another money-grabbing scam by our embedded hucksters using their politician lackeys to create yet another scam.

Keep the VA medical system fully funded. Still supported are the outreach programs allowing veterans not close to a VA facility to use private local medical systems but these efforts are not nearly as costly to taxpayers as would be the privatization of the VA medical system as a whole as the elite-class rip-off artists controlling monolithic corporations desire.

Here is the link to the page describing the attempt to keep the greedy self-serving scum’s hands out of the taxpayer’s pockets and the resultant reduction in amount and quality of military veteran medical care. When you fill out the form with your name and address it finds your Congress person and sends the already-written message to that politician letting them know you want them to act on behalf of taxpayers and military veterans instead of already-rich elites operating corporations whose first desire is PROFIT then maybe, caring for military veterans. I know those greedy corporate millionaires have no concern about taxpayer money being diverted into their pockets.


For the good of the military veterans and the taxpayers of the USA


Stop Dismantling the VA


Please share the link to the automated message sender with fellow patriots and taxpayers who want the VA medical system retained while keeping greedy rip-off artists out of the taxpayers’ wealth. Thank you!!!

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