Reply to a Barbarian Mohammedan Scum

Moslem population 2014 15th 20% world population 50 majority Moslem states stolen 1,000 years violence terrorism eternal warfare


Mohammedans must be removed from all sacred Western soil. Patriots, Western warriors, remember the mighty efforts of Brenton Tarrant forced by Western traitors to fight back against the invading Moslem horde in the only manner left to him. That hero of Christchurch, New Zealand seeing the future with an Islamic caliphate enveloping newly-conquered territory struck back against that which intends to dominate the entire world!!! After his battle, his “Western jihad,” Western traitors instead of honoring him placed the warrior in a cage while the traitor prime minister wench place a hijab upon her ugly brainwashed head and bowed down in sympathy to her new masters; the Moslem horde. Traitors throughout the West are allowing with some encouraging the Moslem barbarians to invade and prey upon the indoctrinated Westerners who are allowing the New World Order tyrants to spit upon them.

Prepare, patriots. Even a fool should be able to see that Western civilization is in dire peril. A New Dark Age awaits us, a life of serfdom and even abject slavery if the tyrannical elites obtain their New World Order and lord over us as New Royalty. Better to die on the battlefield with a thousand invading filth surrounding you than live as a slave to the overlords and the barbarian thugs they use to force us once-proud Western warriors into submission.


Islam violence statistics data list

There are MANY more Moslem attacks against the infidels they hate and seek to convert to their death cult or kill them. Islam is evil. Murder and rape and torture are their pleasures. Conquering the world is their goal. You can not appease these barbarian filth. Meet them on the battlefield and destroy them all. Anything less and YOU are the one that dies leaving your wife and children as slaves to be used as the conquering barbarians desire.



terrorist incidents 1970 to 2017




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