U.S. Census Bureau: Whites Under the Age of 16 Now a Minority in America

White population USA past present future


The ramifications of ongoing trends escape the minds of the masses who stumble through life unaware of larger events going on outside their tiny personal universes.

The elite-owned mainstream media bombards We, the People with “color” as a part of their devious plan to implement a New World Order that places an evil cadre of hereditary elite-class masters as our overlords.

Far more important that “color” is the cultures within the people inside a country. The USA is a Western civilization creation that has done as all countries do; take the good from what other cultures have created and add to our own. As part of the elite-class plan to conquer the USA and all Western countries a divide-and-conquer tactic is being used. Folks, this is extremely complicated stuff and is complex and convoluted and impossible to explain in a blog post. The few of you with enough interest, curiosity and energy to delve into this topic further I encourage you to search the Web for the enormous amount of information explaining the ongoing reality of the destruction of all Western countries and thus the end of Western civilization.

Read about how Moslems and “refugees” and illegal alien invaders are inundating Europe. The USA has traitors in positions that allow masses of non-Western legal immigrants who do not assimilate . . . as the elites and their lackeys intend to occur and assist with dividing We, the People.

Folks, the peril is real and happening now. The elites seeking to enslave us have massive amounts of wealth and own/control the corporations that spread the indoctrination/propaganda via broadcast and print media and even bombard us with propaganda via the advertising we see, hear and read!!!

The elite’s wealth buys them willing lackeys in important positions within government at all levels. One example is traitor Obama who obeyed his elite-class and corporate masters and now spews propaganda via elite-owned media from his multi-million dollar estate on the rich folks enclave on Martha’s Vineyard island. To keep the money coming in and ensure his kids will never have to economically compete with or live among the masses of despised common people Obama continues to support the elite’s New World Order.

There is a multitude of traitors and they are everywhere. From the brainwashed buffoon Antifa freak rioting, burning, looting and even murdering patriots to the Black Lives Matter Marxist America-hating scum to politicians at all levels of government and traitors filling corporate boardrooms where those tyrants have immense power over all types of activities within the USA. In comparison patriots have little to compete with. The political system has been corrupted and your vote means little. The political system offers no real competition to the embedded scam that is the elite-class control of EVERYTHING!!!

I told you this stuff is complicated and complex. Please. Search the Web and learn that tyranny has risen. It is here now and it poses a huge risk to our way of life. The Founder’s writings warned us of tyranny and what must be done to battle it. Patriots, prepare. If tyranny wins a New Dark Age will descend upon the USA and all Western countries and, after that . . . eventually the entire world?


Warn them move on warn others prepare


Below is a slide show conveying many thoughts, ideas, opinions, facts, historic quotes and other items. The controls at the bottom of the screen allow you to pause the show allowing you to read the graphics or stare at the picture longer. You should be able to copy any you wish to keep. I grabbed these graphics from many different sites across the Web as I sought to understand what is happening to the USA and other Western countries. The more I learned the more fearful I have become. I have also become concerned about the HUGE percentage of the USA populace that have been well-indoctrinated by those controlling corporations, government, education and the other systems of command and control that operate Western life. I fear that the common folks are SCREWED!!!



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