What to Call Gen Z – Zoomers: Words We’re Watching | Merriam-Webster


“Those little Dweebs”


Writing a blog entry about the cohort known as Generation Z, the lethargic imbecilic herd of hackneyed hooligans unable to separate their portable electronic device from their clutching paws. Curious if “dweeb” was more than a slang term I, of course, proceeded to enter the Merriam-Webster (MW) realm to sate my curiosity and, as typical, MW provided all my mind craved for.

Dweeb is an accurate descriptor of that despicable cohort that will be guiding the USA after the Boomers, the Mighty Boomers, have departed this earthly plane. A MW article about using “Zoomer” to label those ungainly out-of-shape generally lazy and detached-from-reality Generation Z buffoons inspired me to write a blog entry that encourages the use of Zoomer to label that cohort that will likely escort the Founder’s creation down the drain of despair leading to destruction. So sad. At least I will not be alive to witness the calamitous occurrence.

Thus I encourage using “Zoomer” as a label for the cohort that effectively destroys all that those that preceded them created. Thanks, Zoomers. You babbling buffoons.


What to Call Gen Z – Zoomers: Words We’re Watching | Merriam-Webster

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