Response made to a comment at a news story


(Below is a portion of a response made to a comment at a news story commenting section at a Web site a million intertubes away from here)

It was the “evil” united Vietnam that, shortly after the 1975 unification, entered Cambodia with military forces and ended the evil despotic reign of Pol Pot and ended the “Killing Fields.”  Vietnam did the required deed while the rest of the world stood idly by. I wear my “Made in Vietnam” coat and walking shoes with pride. They are well-made items and have lasted longer than the similarly-priced junk made in China.

Consider this; USA military veterans that fought/served in South Vietnam during the war years can visit and wander the entire country. I have not heard or read of any USA vet being harassed or confronting hostility. The Vietnamese people are kind to us and I hope that the USA as a whole is kind in return and that our countries can be friends and help each other for as long as the grass grows and the rivers run.

Now ponder this; In a few years to decades will the troops engaged in the “War Against Terror” in the mid-east and south Asian countries ever be able to return for a future visit and wander those countries unmolested? Something to think about.

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