Slavery awaits the masses when the New World Order attains total victory

The threat and danger is real, patriots. The evidence surrounds us. A multitude of patriots are shouting the warnings of the perils and possible abject slavery awaiting the common folks of the Western world. If lucky we will be mere powerless serfs and peons force to perform as our masters dictate. The traitor lackeys infesting government, corporations and other entities will be the enforcement arms of the hereditary New Royalty of the existing ultra-elites whose immense wealth and owning of monolithic corporations makes them more powerful than many countries!!!

Pity the people of Europe being inundated with the Islamic hordes. When the New World Order takes firm control in Europe the infidels will assuredly be controlled by a Moslem controlling force obeying the New World Order elites in charge of that section of the West. There will be no mercy shown for infidels not obey the overlord masters or the barbarian enforcement arm masters.

The topics involved with this scenario are extremely complex and far beyond the scope of even one blog. Seek the realities of the dangers facing us, patriots. Spread the word of the dangers coming and that are already infesting all aspects of our lives.

Prepare, patriots. Prepare.

Old Coot Disgruntled

All Western countries are under purposeful siege by invading barbarian hordes invited in by the traitor lackeys of the ruling elite class tyrants.

It would help if the masses across the planet would work at improving their own societies cultures and countries instead of invading Western countries and be parasites upon our increasingly overburdened countries. As the graphic states, Western people deserve to have their own unique existence. The New World Order elite-class seeks to destroy us for their own evil lusts of having total control of all Western countries. Traitors among the common folks are serving their elite-class masters since the elites have bountiful wealth to bestow upon those serving them.

Government in every Western country has hordes of traitors serving the elites and the NWO they strive to force upon us. Diversity and multiculturalism and hordes of invaders is one of many weapons being used. Constant propaganda via…

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